Irik and Cathy Mallie : United to serve

Perfect match

Even before she met Irik, Cathy wanted to go on a mission, but the place and date were not determined. As they became a couple and their family grew, they decided that their first mission was to care for their children. However, when their children reached post-secondary education age, they felt that the possibility of getting involved in a mission as a couple became possible. Irik was a chief engineer and Cathy an experienced nurse, so they approached Operation Mobilization to see if there was a place for them. Although Irik could get involved, Cathy was missing an opportunity. So they were referred to Mercy Ships and it was a perfect match. Both could find a place that aligned with their professional experiences and their call to serve as a couple. This was the beginning of their journey with Mercy Ships.

Irik’s missions :
– China & equipping phase of the Global Mercy 2021-2022
– Senegal, 2019
– Guinee, 2018
– Madagascar, 2015
– Sierra Leone, 2011
– Benin, 2009

Cathy’s missions :
– China & equipping phase of the Global Mercy 2021-2022
– Senegal, 2019
– Guinee, 2018
– Togo, 2012
– Sierra Leone, 2011
– Benin, 2009

A grand demand

In 2016, Vice President of Operations Jim Paterson asked Irik if he would be willing to help as Chief Engineer on the new ship, the Global Mercy. “I hadn’t thought about it at all and asked if I could have three months to think about it and discuss it with Cathy, our children and our church family. I also realized that I was due to retire, so I needed to look into it.”

After two and a half months, they had become convinced that the Lord was calling them to do so. Since the delivery of the ship had been delayed, he decided to retire early to help on the Africa Mercy.

Yes, I do!

Now retired, Irik serves as Chief Engineer on the Global Mercy and hopes to inspire other mariners to join this extraordinary adventure. He even mentions that the caring atmosphere on board is a highlight for all mariners who join.

If you are in the maritime field and wish to have a lasting impact, discover the different positions available here:

Holidays Onboard – testimony of the Mallies

In 2009, we spent the time onboard over the month of December. That gave us a taste of the different Christmas celebrations, from Sinterklaas, which is celebrated in Holland to Saint Lucia, which is celebrated by our Scandinavian crew members and a candle light sing song on the dock, which this year was led by the Australians. They also have special advent church services with candle lighting and special readings. We also enjoy the many Christmas decorations and the annual Christmas market, where crew members make or bake items to sell to the crew.

These celebrations have been similar this year and it is very special to be a part of it all. On Christmas day, there is a very nice Christmas celebration onboard for the whole crew. That is a special event, which feels special as we celebrate the coming of Christ with Christians from around the world. We also think about Christ’s second coming, which we eagerly anticipate. If He comes, the work on this ship will cease to exist because everything will be perfect and everyone will be healthy as it was after the Creation. Working with crew from around the globe is very special, as we share the same Christ and serve His people wherever we are located.

Delta, BC


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