Join the Conversation on Global Healthcare

Mercy Ships is passionate about changing the narrative around the current global healthcare crisis.
We have staff and volunteers trained to provide informative and professional keynote presentations for various organizations, businesses, and educational institutions.

Topics Mercy Ships Canada addresses in presentations:

Direct medical services

Why access to free health care is important.

Medical Professionals

How capacity building creates sustainable change.

Healthcare, justice and human rights.

Volunteer and patient on deck 7

Public Engagement Opportunities

Mercy Ships Canada welcomes invitations from individuals or groups. Virtual and physical events such as community service clubs, academic conferences, seminars, and classroom discussions allow mutual learning and in-depth dialogue opportunities.
Recent global engagements highlights:

  • “How Not to Save the World” – Guest talk: Global Health at Queen’s University, Kingston, Ontario (March 2024)
  • Faith, Fundraising and Communication Symposium (May 2023)
Organise an event for Mercy Ships Canada

Host an Event

How wonderful it is when friends, relatives and colleagues come together to help make a difference by helping those in greatest need. Behold the power and fun of organizing a special event to help Mercy Ships provide free life transforming surgeries and other medical services to vulnerable children and adults who cannot afford or do not have access to medical care.


The real change comes when we all work together.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck job.
So, partner with us today, and don’t miss the opportunity to help change someone’s life forever.
Your support and volunteer efforts bring hope and healing to so many in great need.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Get Involved

Host an event or speak to your community group about the transformational impact of Mercy Ships, volunteer crew opportunities and financial support. Your active participation increases our reach to those in need. In addition, the prayers of faith-based supporters and churches serve to encourage our work.