In Africa, we provide free medical care

Every year, more than 2,000 surgeries and 8,000 dental treatments are performed
free of charge for people living in poverty in Africa.

This medical care is made possible by the donations we receive and the commitment of 1,600 volunteers
who have been joining us on humanitarian aid missions every year for over 40 years!

To carry out these missions, we use a fleet of civilian hospital ships: the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy.

Medical care that changes lives

Mariama, Sira, Awa, Amadou… and so many others who can smile again thanks
to the health care and surgeries performed by Mercy Ships volunteer crews.    

Discover their incredible stories

The Road to Healing for Daouda

Daouda had not even started school when a facial tumor emerged in his upper jaw. For years, Daouda’s father was seeking for a surgery.

Reclaiming Dignity: Astou’s Story

Astou was 20 years old when her life took an unexpected turn. At the time, she was married and expecting her first child. She had a close, supportive family and was part of her community in Senegal. The future held joy and promise.

Khoudia’s Story: A Long-Awaited Successful Surgery

When a person has spent years living with a tumor that they are told is inoperable, it is easy to lose any expectation of healing.

Mariama: Love and Faith Over Fear

Meet Mariama, who experienced a life transformed after receiving surgery for bowed legs on board a hospital ship.

Sira: After Years of Waiting, Healing Has Come

Meet Sira, whose life was transformed after receiving surgery on board a hospital ship.

Awa: A Life-Changing Surgery

A little girl’s future is changed by surgery through Mercy Ships.

We’ve seen firsthand the challenges that arise when people don't have access to safe and timely healthcare. It weakens communities and leaves individuals vulnerable.


Mercy Ships has been offering free healthcare
for over 40 years.

  • Two surgical ships, the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy.
  • Over 1,600 qualified volunteers from all over the world serve annually.
  • Mentorship and training programs support local medical professionals in achieving long-term success.

Mercy Ships, a Heartfelt Story

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been providing medical care, surgeries and
dental treatment to people living in poverty in Africa.

More than 5 million people do not have access to basic health care,
even though this should be a right for every human being.

This situation is not inevitable. You can help by:


Making a Donation

Every contribution counts. Every donation is a step in the right direction, making a difference in the life of someone in need of basic medical care. Be a part of that change by making a donation now.


Becoming a Volunteer

Would you like to do more than just make a donation, and join us in helping those who need it most? Become a volunteer and join our crews who work on the ground every day.


Talking About Us

Are you unable to help us with a donation or by becoming a volunteer but still feel moved by our mission? Support us by spreading awareness of our activities to others.

Your support allows medical care, among other things…

  • To give back a smile and a taste for life to the people treated
  • To help them find self-confidence after months or even years of suffering
  • To help them take their place in the community and be respected by those around them
  • To give children the opportunity to return to school or go to school for the first time
  • To have as normal a life as possible, quite simply

At the same time, we develop care systems for local health professionals
and invest
in the medical infrastructure where we work.

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Fun fact! Did you know that since 2019, all of the scrubs worn by Mercy Ships medical volunteers have been donated by Careismatic Brands? Thank you to this incredible partner with a shared vision of improving surgical care for Africa! 🩺 ⁣
Think your company would make a good partner with Mercy Ships to bring hope and healing? Let us know in the comments below! 👇⁣
Fait amusant ! Saviez-vous que depuis 2019, toutes les blouses portées par les bénévoles médicaux de Mercy Ships ont été offertes par Careismatic Brands ? Merci à cet incroyable partenaire dont la vision commune est d'améliorer les soins chirurgicaux pour l'Afrique ! 🩺 ⁣
Vous pensez que votre entreprise ferait un bon partenaire de Mercy Ships pour apporter l'espoir et la guérison ? Faites-le nous savoir dans les commentaires ! 👇⁣
#Partnerships #ThankYou #Careismatic #MercyShips #Partenariats #Merci
Five-year-old Malang is embracing newfound freedom. The surgery to straighten his bowed legs has given him the gift of reveling in running and playing, things that seemed impossible before. 👏⁣
Dr. Rachel Buckingham, the #volunteer orthopedic surgeon who performed Malang’s surgery, celebrated this transformation: “He may never realize how bad it could have been without surgery.”⁣
The true gift is seeing Malang free to embrace the childhood joys that had seemed out of reach for far too long.⁣
Malang, 5 ans, est enfin libre. L'opération visant à redresser ses jambes arquées lui a permis de courir et de jouer, des choses qui semblaient impossibles auparavant. 👏⁣
Dre Rachel Buckingham, la chirurgienne orthopédique #bénévole qui a opéré Malang, a célébré cette transformation : « Il ne réalisera peut-être jamais à quel point cela aurait pu être grave sans chirurgie. »⁣
Le vrai cadeau est de voir Malang libre et de le voir profiter de son enfance...⁣
#SafeSurgery #GlobalSurgery #SantéMondiale #ChirurgieFiable #Senegal #MercyShips
Alors que nous démarrons avec succès notre mission en Sierra Leone, voici un message de Darryl Anderson, directeur général de Mercy Ships Canada :⁣
« Aujourd'hui, j'envoie ce message sincère au nom de toute l'équipe de Mercy Ships Canada afin d'exprimer notre profonde gratitude pour votre immense soutien et votre dévouement à notre mission. Votre générosité et votre engagement ont eu un impact incroyable sur la vie d'innombrables personnes en Sierra Leone, et nous ne vous remercierons jamais assez d'être à nos côtés dans ce voyage transformateur.⁣
Vos dons nous ont permis de fournir des services médicaux essentiels, de pratiquer des opérations chirurgicales qui changent la vie et d'offrir des soins de santé complets à des personnes qui, autrement, n'auraient pas eu accès à de tels soins. L'impact de votre soutien est allé au-delà de la guérison physique - il a ravivé l'espoir et la guérison, et a permis à des personnes de reprendre leur vie en main et d'atteindre leur plein potentiel. »⁣
Votre action pour soutenir le travail de Mercy Ships en Sierra Leone fera la différence. Faites un don aujourd'hui pour raviver l'espoir et toucher la vie d'innombrables personnes, en leur offrant, ainsi qu'à leurs familles, un avenir plus radieux.⁣
#MercyShips #MercyShipsCanada #SierraLeone #SoyezGénéreux #EspoirEtGuérison
After traveling from different regions across #Senegal, young patients undergo surgeries that are often major and complex. 🩺⁣
After the operation comes the recovery process, which can include healing in bed for quite some time. Then the moment everyone has been waiting for arrives – time to start walking again! After that, it’s not long before the hallways are filled with children running around with the support of their walkers. Now the trick is getting them to slow down! 🏎️💨⁣
As the orthopedic program starts soon in Sierra Leone, we can't wait for the halls to be filled once again with children walking on straight legs for the first time! 🙌⁣
Après avoir voyagé depuis différentes régions du #Sénégal, les jeunes patients subissent des interventions chirurgicales souvent lourdes et complexes. 🩺⁣
Après l'opération vient le processus de récupération, qui peut inclure la guérison au lit pendant un certain temps. Puis le moment tant attendu arrive : il est temps de recommencer à marcher ! Il ne faut pas longtemps pour que les couloirs soient remplis d'enfants qui courent avec l'aide de leur déambulateur. Le tout est de les faire ralentir ! 🏎️💨⁣
Alors que le programme orthopédique démarre bientôt en Sierra Leone, nous avons hâte que les couloirs soient à nouveau remplis d'enfants marchant sur des jambes droites pour la première fois ! 🙌⁣
#GlobalMercy #HopeAndHealing #GlobalHealth #MercyShips #EspoiretGuérison #SantéMondiale
Every day, the patients on board the #GlobalMercy gather outside on the veranda at the back of the ship. 🙌⁣
It is a joyous time of community and fresh air for patients—at various stages of recovery—who have come for their life-changing operations from across #Senegal and The Gambia, the two nations that Mercy Ships served from one port during the new hospital ship’s first surgical field service. 🎉⁣
Chaque jour, les patients à bord du #GlobalMercy se rassemblent dehors, sur la véranda à l'arrière du navire. 🙌⁣
Ces moments furent riche en communauté et rempli d'air frais pour les patients, à tous stades de guérison, venus pour leurs opérations du #Sénégal et de la Gambie, les deux nations que Mercy Ships a desservies depuis un seul port lors du premier service chirurgical de notre nouveau navire-hôpital. 🎉⁣
#HopeAndHealing #GlobalHealth #MercyShips #EspoirEtGuérison⁣
📸: Elizabeth Page Brumley

Thank you to our donors and volunteers

Since 1978, thanks to them, we have been able to:


surgeries on board our hospital ships

Carry out

dental treatments, performed by our volunteer dentists


local health professionals in advanced medical procedures

Today, we are counting on you to continue our mission

How would you like to help us?