In Africa, we provide free medical care

Every year, more than 2,000 surgeries and 8,000 dental treatments are performed
free of charge for people living in poverty in Africa.

This medical care is made possible by the donations we receive and the commitment of 1,600 volunteers
who have been joining us on humanitarian aid missions every year for over 40 years!

To carry out these missions, we use a fleet of civilian hospital ships: the Africa Mercy and the Global Mercy.

Medical care that changes lives

Mariama, Sira, Awa, Amadou… and so many others who can smile again thanks
to the health care and surgeries performed by Mercy Ships volunteer crews.    

Discover their incredible stories

Khoudia’s Story: A Long-Awaited Successful Surgery

When a person has spent years living with a tumor that they are told is inoperable, it is easy to lose any expectation of healing.

Mariama: Love and Faith Over Fear

Meet Mariama, who experienced a life transformed after receiving surgery for bowed legs on board a hospital ship.

Sira: After Years of Waiting, Healing Has Come

Meet Sira, whose life was transformed after receiving surgery on board a hospital ship.

Awa: A Life-Changing Surgery

A little girl’s future is changed by surgery through Mercy Ships.

Adama: Free to Explore

Meet Adama, whose cleft lip surgery on board a hospital ship not only transformed her own life, but her family’s as well.

Cire: A Life-Changing Birthday Gift

Meet Cire, who on his 20th birthday, received life-changing surgery to remove his facial tumor on board a hospital ship.

We’ve seen firsthand the challenges that arise when people don't have access to safe and timely healthcare. It weakens communities and leaves individuals vulnerable.


Mercy Ships has been offering free healthcare
for over 40 years.

  • Two surgical ships, the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy.
  • Over 1,600 qualified volunteers from all over the world serve annually.
  • Mentorship and training programs support local medical professionals in achieving long-term success.

Mercy Ships, a Heartfelt Story

Since 1978, Mercy Ships has been providing medical care, surgeries and
dental treatment to people living in poverty in Africa.

More than 5 million people do not have access to basic health care,
even though this should be a right for every human being.

This situation is not inevitable. You can help by:


Making a Donation

Every contribution counts. Every donation is a step in the right direction, making a difference in the life of someone in need of basic medical care. Be a part of that change by making a donation now.


Becoming a Volunteer

Would you like to do more than just make a donation, and join us in helping those who need it most? Become a volunteer and join our crews who work on the ground every day.


Talking About Us

Are you unable to help us with a donation or by becoming a volunteer but still feel moved by our mission? Support us by spreading awareness of our activities to others.

Your support allows medical care, among other things…

  • To give back a smile and a taste for life to the people treated
  • To help them find self-confidence after months or even years of suffering
  • To help them take their place in the community and be respected by those around them
  • To give children the opportunity to return to school or go to school for the first time
  • To have as normal a life as possible, quite simply

At the same time, we develop care systems for local health professionals
and invest
in the medical infrastructure where we work.

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Recognize these smiles? Amadou and Saikou were the very first patients from Senegal and The Gambia to receive surgery on the #GlobalMercy. Now, many weeks later, they're both on the fast track to healing as they walk and play together at the HOPE Center. It won't be long before they're showing off their newly straightened legs at home! 👏🎉 ⁣
Vous reconnaissez ces sourires ? Amadou et Saikou ont été les tout premiers patients du Sénégal et de la Gambie à bénéficier d'une intervention chirurgicale sur le #GlobalMercy. Aujourd'hui, plusieurs semaines plus tard, ils sont tous deux sur la voie rapide de la guérison, marchant et jouant ensemble au centre HOPE. Ils ne tarderont pas à montrer leurs jambes guéries ! 👏🎉 ⁣
#Transformation #HopeAndHealing #MercyShips #espoiretguerison⁣
📸: Tirsa Tapia
More than 20 years ago, while giving birth, Astou was left with an injury that could not be treated where she lives. Then, ten years ago, a goiter started growing on her neck. Unable to afford treatment for either condition, if it could even be found, she could only hope and keep moving forward with resiliency. 💪⁣
Recently, Astou received surgery on board the #AfricaMercy in Senegal. She is now free from both her seen and unseen burdens.⁣
Visit the link in our bio to see Astou’s story!⁣
#HospitalShip #Transformation #HopeAndHealing #MercyShips⁣
📸: Judit Maier
Mercy Ships Canada wants to extend a big thank you to Wilfred Golbeck, organizer of the Faith, Fundraising, & Communications Symposium. Our very own Kornelia Eisfeld was in attendance and conducted a presentation! 🎉👏⁣
"I enjoyed the sessions and being given the opportunity to present on behalf of Mercy Ships Canada on how to build a strong third-party event program."⁣
If anyone would like further information, feel free to reach out to Kornelia at:⁣
#FaithFundraisingandCommunicationsSymposium #MercyShipsCanada #MercyShips

Thank you to our donors and volunteers

Since 1978, thanks to them, we have been able to:


surgeries on board our hospital ships

Carry out

dental treatments, performed by our volunteer dentists


local health professionals in advanced medical procedures

Today, we are counting on you to continue our mission

How would you like to help us?