Access to Proper Medical Care Changes Lives - Forever.

Mercy Ships operates hospital ships run by skilled volunteers to provide
free world-class medical services to developing nations.

Double the Trouble, Twice the Joy

Ousseynou and AssaneOusseynou and Assane shared more than just looks: they also shared a condition that caused their legs to turn outwards. Now, thanks to caring partners, both boys have a bright future. Double the Trouble, Twice the Joy While 5-year-olds Ousseynou and Assane may look alike, it’s obvious to see their different personalities –Ousseynou

Going the Extra Mile

Paul Bernard Going the Extra Mile Voriger Nächster The air was warm and thick in the room where three-year-old Paul Bernard and his older cousin were sleeping. It was a night like any other. But in his sleep, his cousin accidentally knocked over a nearby kerosene lamp, lighting their mattress on fire and engulfing the

Dreams of Being a Doctor

GnilaneGnilane’s dream of becoming a doctor was threatened by a tumour that had been growing on her face for most of her life. Voriger Nächster Dreams of Being a Doctor Gnilane first noticed the small lump on her face when she was 15 years old. At first, she didn’t think anything of it and figured

Ibrahim’s Fixed Feet

Ibrahim Generous partners and early intervention fixed Ibrahim’s feet, saving him from a lifetime of limited mobility. Ibrahim’s Fixed Feet Voriger Nächster We met 1-year-old baby Ibrahim last August, at one of the first Mercy Ships screenings in Guinea. Ibrahim’s mischievous grin was the first thing screening volunteers noticed – but once he begins trying

Leon’s Story

Leon It was a normal afternoon for 42-year-old Leon until he caught a lift on the back of a friend’s motorcycle, and his life was changed forever. Leon’s Story Voriger Nächster Racing through frenzied traffic, the driver swerved to avoid oncoming vehicles as they made their way across the city. Suddenly, they lost control and

We’ve seen firsthand the challenges that arise when people don't have access to safe and timely healthcare. It weakens communities and leaves individuals vulnerable.


Mercy Ships has been offering free healthcare
for over 40 years.

  • Two surgical ships, the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy.
  • Over 1,600 qualified volunteers from all over the world serve annually.
  • Mentorship and training programs support local medical professionals in achieving long-term success.

The Need is Great, But You Can Help Transforms Lives

Here's How to Get on Board



Everybody should have access to medical care, don't you agree? 
Your donation can make
that happen.



Whether you are someone with a heart for people in need, or a qualified medical professional we can find a place for you.


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Bringing Medical Care Right to Africa's Shores

  • Frees people from the burdens they carry.
  • Allows more children to attend school and become educated.
  • Develops stronger healthcare systems.
  • Restores opportunities and allows everyone to live more fully in the community.
  • Empowers others to do more and become agents of change.
  • Contributes to greater health equality.

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We want to take a moment to thank everyone who makes our mission possible! Every donation, prayer, and person brings hope and healing to those in desperate need. You make a difference. Thank you for supporting Mercy Ship Canada. ❤️
❤️ Every year on #GivingTuesday, people come together to support causes they care about, and this year Mercy Ships has TWICE as much to celebrate! Mark your calendar for Nov. 30th and join us in bringing even more hope to those who need it most.⁣
Retailers are encouraging consumers to change their buying behaviour ahead of the holiday shopping rush because of #supplychain bottlenecks and delays.  #MercyShipsCanada encourages giving a gift to a person’s favourite #Charity during #BlackFriday and #GivingTuesday.⁣
#Supplychain issues are confronting seasonal gift purchase decisions. Retailers encourage consumers to change their buying behaviour ahead of the holiday shopping rush because of the bottlenecks and delays. ⁣
#MercyShipsCanada suggests one alternative is to give a gift to a person’s favourite #charity during #BlackFriday and #GivingTuesday.⁣
It's official 🙌 we've got a reason to celebrate! In early 2022, thanks to an invitation from Senegal's government and Ministry of Health, Mercy Ships will sail to Dakar, Senegal for our next field service. We are thrilled to see our ships return to this beloved port and fulfill our promise to the patients who have been awaiting surgery. ⁣
On November 11, Mercy Ships Canada expresses our gratitude to members of the Canadian Armed Forces who defend our values and freedoms, and to those individuals who continue to serve our country today. We recognize the members of our staff who also serve in the Canadian Reserves.⁣
En ce 11 novembre, Mercy Ships Canada exprime sa gratitude aux membres des Forces armées canadiennes qui défendent nos valeurs et nos libertés, ainsi qu'aux personnes qui continuent à servir notre pays aujourd'hui. Nous reconnaissons les membres de notre personnel qui servent également dans la Réserve de l'Armée canadienne.
If you have always had clear vision, it's easy to take it for granted. But ask anyone who has lost their vision — they'll tell you that sight is everything.⁣
This year, Mercy Ships was honoured to partner with to sponsor 1,000 free cataract surgeries, restoring life-changing vision to many across rural Togo.⁣
Learn more about how your support helps gives the gift of sight to those in need 👉 [LINK IN BIO]⁣
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Renier Marx is more than just the Chief Electrician onboard the Global Mercy – he's also a problem solver, project engineer, family man and more! After over than a decade of volunteering with Mercy Ships, we asked what keeps him onboard:⁣
"Seeing the transformation of people who have been suffering really brings so much joy, knowing that at the end of the day, you can be a part of something so big.”⁣
Do you want to #MakeYourMark and join a community of people deeply passionate about what they do? Then we need you onboard! Visit to explore opportunities [LINK IN BIO].⁣
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Birth asphyxia accounts for approximately 30% of neonatal deaths in resource-limited countries like Liberia. ⁣
That's why your support of Mercy Ships training programs like this neonatal resuscitation course for nurses, midwives, and doctors is so important for bringing hope and healing to the people of West Africa.⁣
Learn more about how your support helps build medical capacity in the nations we serve 👉 [LINK IN BIO]⁣
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🇨🇦 Tune in to Radio-Canada tomorrow, 📢 Saturday October 23, at 10:15am EDT to hear Canadian volunteer Céline Léger speaking on Samedi et rien d'autre about her work with Mercy Ships!

The real change comes when we all work together.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck job.
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Your support and volunteer efforts bring hope and healing to so many in great need.