An unforgettable adventure

Meet our crew of volunteers!

A global community of volunteers bringing hope and healing onboard the world’s largest fleet of non-governmental hospital ships. For example, the Africa Mercy is home to over 400 short-term and long-term crew members who offer a wide range of expertise: seafarers, engineers, plumbers, carpenters, information technology staff, teachers, surgeons,  nurses, dentists, cooks, photographers and more. Mercy Ships would not exist without our amazing volunteers!

The Siemens: A family becoming crew

Because a two-year commitment awaited the Siemens, this family adventure required a lot of preparation and dedication.

Stephanie Bauman: A busy sabbatical

More than 10 years ago, a friend of Stephanie’s boarded the Africa Mercy. She witnessed the impact on her life and decided that one day it would be her turn.

Riley Chow: Testing The Waters

Riley is a young writing professional from Vancouver who has been considering joining the work of Mercy Ships for eight years.

The real change comes when we all work together.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck job.
So, partner with us today, and don’t miss the opportunity to help change someone’s life forever.
Your support and volunteer efforts bring hope and healing to so many in great need.