A Body Healed is a Life Transformed

They are daughters, wives, mothers, sons, and fathers. Behind every face, there's a name and a heart that holds a dream.
Here are their stories.

Assiatou’s First Steps

At only six months old, a car accident left Assiatou with severe burns. Without affordable medical care, the burns formed into thick scar tissue.

A Bright Light for Mabouba

Mabouba boarded the Africa Mercy five years ago with a large facial tumor threatening her ability to eat and breathe. Now she’s a healthy young wife, mother, and business owner.

Healing for Houssainatou

During the 2018-19 field service in Guinea, Houssainatou received surgery for her facial tumour that has since transformed her life.

Double the Trouble, Twice the Joy

Twins Ousseynou and Assane shared more than just looks: they also shared a condition that caused their legs to turn outwards.

Going the Extra Mile

After a tragic fire, Paul Bernard was left with severe burns across his face, upper body, and arms, eventually limiting the use of his arm.

Dreams of Being a Doctor

Gnilane had a dream of becoming a doctor, but it was threatened by a tumour that had been growing on her face for most of her life.

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