A Body Healed is a Life Transformed

They are daughters, wives, mothers, sons, and fathers. Behind every face, there's a name and a heart that holds a dream.
Here are their stories.

Mariama: Love and Faith Over Fear

Meet Mariama, who experienced a life transformed after receiving surgery for bowed legs on board a hospital ship.

Sira: After Years of Waiting, Healing Has Come

Meet Sira, whose life was transformed after receiving surgery on board a hospital ship.

Awa: A Life-Changing Surgery

A little girl’s future is changed by surgery through Mercy Ships.

Adama: Free to Explore

Meet Adama, whose cleft lip surgery on board a hospital ship not only transformed her own life, but her family’s as well.

Cire: A Life-Changing Birthday Gift

Meet Cire, who on his 20th birthday, received life-changing surgery to remove his facial tumor on board a hospital ship.

Amadou: The Patient Ambassador

Amadou is a doctor, a leader, and a pillar of hope in his community and received surgery on a hospital ship.

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