A Body Healed is a Life Transformed

They are daughters, wives, mothers, sons, and fathers. Behind every face, there's a name and a heart that holds a dream.
Here are their stories.

Double the Trouble, Twice the Joy

Ousseynou and AssaneOusseynou and Assane shared more than just looks: they also shared a condition that caused their legs to turn outwards. Now, thanks to caring partners, both boys have a bright future. Double the Trouble, Twice the Joy While 5-year-olds Ousseynou and Assane may look alike, it’s obvious to see their different personalities –Ousseynou

Going the Extra Mile

Paul Bernard Going the Extra Mile Voriger Nächster The air was warm and thick in the room where three-year-old Paul Bernard and his older cousin were sleeping. It was a night like any other. But in his sleep, his cousin accidentally knocked over a nearby kerosene lamp, lighting their mattress on fire and engulfing the

Dreams of Being a Doctor

GnilaneGnilane’s dream of becoming a doctor was threatened by a tumour that had been growing on her face for most of her life. Voriger Nächster Dreams of Being a Doctor Gnilane first noticed the small lump on her face when she was 15 years old. At first, she didn’t think anything of it and figured

Ibrahim’s Fixed Feet

Ibrahim Generous partners and early intervention fixed Ibrahim’s feet, saving him from a lifetime of limited mobility. Ibrahim’s Fixed Feet Voriger Nächster We met 1-year-old baby Ibrahim last August, at one of the first Mercy Ships screenings in Guinea. Ibrahim’s mischievous grin was the first thing screening volunteers noticed – but once he begins trying

Leon’s Story

Leon It was a normal afternoon for 42-year-old Leon until he caught a lift on the back of a friend’s motorcycle, and his life was changed forever. Leon’s Story Voriger Nächster Racing through frenzied traffic, the driver swerved to avoid oncoming vehicles as they made their way across the city. Suddenly, they lost control and

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