A Body Healed is a Life Transformed

They are daughters, wives, mothers, sons, and fathers. Behind every face, there's a name and a heart that holds a dream.
Here are their stories.


Meet Samba ! After 56 years with a cleft lip, it took just a two-hour surgery on board the Global Mercy to change his life forever.


For 25-year-old Diarra, stepping into the operating room of the Africa Mercy was a moment more than a decade in the making. She had been looking for healing for a facial tumor for almost half her life.

Meet Emmanuel, the First Patient of the Sierra Leone Field Service

On Tuesday, September 12, Emmanuel was brought into one of the operating rooms of the Global Mercy™, where he became the very first patient to receive surgery during the field service in Freetown, Sierra Leone.

The Road to Healing for Daouda

Daouda had not even started school when a facial tumor emerged in his upper jaw. For years, Daouda’s father was seeking for a surgery.

Reclaiming Dignity: Astou’s Story

Astou was 20 years old when her life took an unexpected turn. At the time, she was married and expecting her first child. She had a close, supportive family and was part of her community in Senegal. The future held joy and promise.

Khoudia’s Story: A Long-Awaited Successful Surgery

When a person has spent years living with a tumor that they are told is inoperable, it is easy to lose any expectation of healing.

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