Make a donation today to change lives

Access to medical care should never be a problem.
However, in Africa, many people do not have access to basic medical care.

Children are the most affected.

This situation is not inevitable. Today you can offer them your help with an easy and quick contribution:
all you need to do is make a donation.

Make a donation: towards what?

Make a donation to provide medical aid

Medical care is provided to people living in poverty by our hospital ships, which travel to Africa on humanitarian aid missions. These missions have a cost and require a high level of safety. Making a donation allows our teams of volunteers and health professionals to go and treat the people who need it the most, closer to their home

Make a donation for the purchase of medical equipment

Some of the medical procedures performed on board our hospital ships require state-of-the-art equipment. Surgeries, in particular, are carried out in rooms where hygiene and cleanliness need to be impeccable to limit the risks of hospital-acquired infection. Making a donation helps to ensure that the medical facilities meet the highest safety standards.  

Make a donation to build up local skills

Training local professionals so that they too can provide medical care for all is part of our mission. At the same time, we work to set up health care systems and develop operational medical infrastructures. Making a donation helps support our volunteer teams and local professionals in this mission.  

Make a donation: how?

International Women's Day - Francoise and Paul Pascal

One Time Donations

Every contribution counts. Every donation is a step in the right direction, making a difference in the life of someone in need of basic medical care. Be a part of that change by making a donation now.


Monthly Donations

Supporting our actions on a regular basis is possible through monthly donations. This is the best way to help as many people as possible in need of medical care, while making the donation process easier for you at the same time. You will help to change lives in the long term, and you will receive information about our missions in Africa that we carry out thanks to your generosity. Join our regular donors today and become a Mercy Partner.


Donating securities

It is possible to donate your appreciated listed securities without being subject to capital gains tax. This applies to stocks, bonds and mutual funds. It is a great way to support Mercy Ships in their mission to help people in Africa, while releasing you from the taxes usually associated with these securities. We will send you an official tax receipt dated the day we receive the value of the security in our brokerage account.  

Houssainatou after her maxillofacial operation

Imagine not having access to medical care for yourself or someone you love.
The fear and uncertainty of not getting well is debilitating.
And yet, that’s what many African’s face every day.
But you can help.

Donations in the form of a bequest

Everyone has assets. Donating all or part of your inheritance is a heartfelt and valuable gesture. By including Mercy Ships in your estate and planning your inheritance, you can ensure that your wishes will be respected at the appropriate time. There are many ways to support our work by planning the distribution of your donations: wills and estates, insurance or donor-advised funds. Find out now which type of estate donation is right for you.

Chief Officer Rodirgo Silva

Corporate donations

Making a corporate donation provides the opportunity to highlight the values supported by your company, thereby demonstrating its social responsibility. It is a strong differentiator in the market, appreciated by employees themselves, and also sought after by potential recruits who want to work for companies that are in line with their values. What if this is the right time to partner with Mercy Ships through a corporate donation? 


Donating Air Miles

Although we try to keep travel to a minimum, Mercy Ships Canada team members are sometimes required to travel to support our overseas activities and missions. This travel comes at a cost. That is why we have set up the Mercy Miles program, to collect Air Miles to help reduce travel costs. How does it work? All you need is a Mercy Miles card to put your points on… and that’s it!

Would you like to make more than a donation?

A donation is the easiest and quickest way to help people living in poverty in Africa. It is also possible
to support our work by joining us as a volunteer. Volunteers give their time and skills
to change lives. Becoming a Mercy Ships volunteer is a meaningful and emotionally rich experience.  

Thank you to all our Mercy Ships donors and volunteers!