Donors’ Bill of Rights Policy

Spending of funds is confined to Board approved programs, projects or activities and is at the discretion of the Board.
Official donation receipts will be issued for gifts over and including $10.


To honour our Donor and prospective Donors’ rights, requests and privileges.


Donors, volunteers, employees, Board members and external stakeholders.

Policy Statement

The Donor participates in the very essence of our mission and purpose. We respect our donors’ ability to exercises their rights, prerogatives and fundamental privileges that we recognize without reservation and at all times.

We follow the Association of Fundraising Professionals (APF), Donor Bill of Rights ( and review any changes when they occur.

Donor Privacy

  1. All information concerning Donors or prospective Donors, including their names, the names of their beneficiaries, the exact amount of the gift, size of the estate, or any other information for which there is a reasonable expectation of privacy and/or confidentiality is kept strictly confidential by Mercy Ships Canada, its Board of Directors, volunteers, and employees, unless written permission is obtained from the Donor to release such information according to our Privacy Policy.
  2. Donors who wish to remain anonymous must state so at the time of the gift and specify the extent of their desired anonymity in writing.
  3. Donors are welcome to request and receive a complete copy of their donation record, which includes their name, contact information and gift amounts.
  4. Only authorized Mercy Ships Canada employees and Chair of the Board of Directors are permitted to view Donor files.
  5. Donor files are held in a secure Canadian database.
  6. All recognition and reward accorded to Donors by reason of their gift frequency, amounts, or cumulative total shall at the discretion of Mercy Ships Canada.
  7. Donors and prospective Donors may opt out of fundraising mailings via telephone, letter, e-mail, or in person. A statement providing opt-out instructions is included in all campaign correspondence.
  8. Mercy Ships Canada does not sell, rent or share its Donor and mailing lists with other organizations.

Other Policies