Changing a Country One Life at a Time

For over 40 years, Mercy Ships has offered healing and restoration by offering direct medical services, Education, Training and Advocacy programs and strengthening relationships that improve healthcare systems.

Our Vision

To see every African have access to safe and timely healthcare.

Everyone has a right to equitable healthcare so that more people can live healthy lives. Our vision is to serve Africa’s healthcare needs with professional volunteers, hospital ships, and programs that meet the highest standards of care.

Ousseynou and Assane at physiotherapy - stretching
Ousseynou and Assane

Our Mission

To bring first world healthcare to a developing country.

There is a healthcare crisis in Africa. Every year, poverty and inadequate health services leave millions of people vulnerable, sick, and infirmed. As a result, individuals and communities cannot flourish because of hardships caused by barriers to work, caring for their families, or pursuing education.

It is our mission to bring accessible healthcare services to people in great need. We do this by offering surgical, eye and dental care and Education, Training and Advocacy programs designed to strengthen healthcare systems. Contributing to improved Africa healthcare means more people can participate more fully in social and economic activities. Improving lives and communities (and ultimately the country) is the impact of our work.

Ousseynou und Assane gesund und froh wieder zu Hause

Our Values

To model Jesus's example by aiding the poor and healing the sick.

In everything, we seek to:
  • Love God
  • Love and serve others
  • Be people of integrity
  • Be people of excellence in all we say and do

The real change comes when we all work together.

It’s an all-hands-on-deck job.
So, partner with us today, and don’t miss the opportunity to help change someone’s life forever.
Your support and volunteer efforts bring hope and healing to so many in great need.