Mercy Ships Canada Volunteer Crew Recognized for Dedication

The Mercy Ships Canada Board of Directors and staff are pleased that Mercy Ships Canada has been chosen as The Most Dedicated International Healthcare Organization in the Canadian Business Awards 2024.

Darryl Anderson, Executive Director for Mercy Ships Canada, stated, ” Without dedicated volunteers onboard the Global Mercy and the Africa Mercy, the two largest Civilian Hospital Ships in the world, this award would not be possible. Anderson continued, “The wide range of skilled individuals speaks to the generosity of spirit that characterizes the work of Mercy Ships Canada volunteers. Annually, several dozen Canadians serve alongside volunteers from more than 60 countries on these amazing ships.”

As the hospital ship Africa Mercy prepares for surgical patients in Madagascar, Oliver Etcu (and family), the Operating Room Sterile Processing Team Leader; Lan Nguyen, Operating Room Sterile Processing Technician; Heather-Ann Heyd, Ward Clinical Supervisor are hard at work. Other volunteers such as Joshua Chau, Photographer; Sherry Larose, Housekeeping Staff; Hoang Nguyen and Bob Gellatly, Endpoint Analysts; Steph Bauman, Physical Education & Technology Teacher; and Chris Attwater (and family), Maintenance Manager, are all essential non-medical volunteers who support the vital work of Africa Mercy.

The Global Mercy in Sierra Leone is where dedicated healthcare professionals Krystal Remers, Low Care Unit Team Leader; Olga Ahmad, PACU Nurse; Dr Gary Morris and Dr Vanessa Sweet, Anesthesia Providers; Carly Morris, Pediatric Nurse; and Breanna Charleson, Medical Lab Technician, Sandy Tait and  Tara McHardy, Operating Room Nurses, serve along with Dr Louise Caouette-Laberge, Reconstructive Plastic Surgeon and Dr Jean-Martin Laberge, Pediatric Surgeon.

Riley Chow, People and Culture Facilitator; Stephan Kliewer (and family), Chaplain/Counselor; Michael Dykstra, Audiovisual Technician; Braiden Kononoff, Sales Staff; and Glenda Willcock, Grade 4 & 5 Teacher, are all vital crew members who help deliver Mercy Ships’ vision and mission and are an essential part of life onboard the hospital ship.

These volunteers are just some of the many skilled professionals who volunteer to serve on our ships each year.

Mercy Ships is committed to providing life-transforming surgical services to children and adults in low-resource African settings. The efforts of the Canadian volunteer crew have been recognized as the most dedicated international healthcare organization in the 2024 Canadian Business Awards.

The Canadian Business Awards annually acknowledge outstanding achievements and contributions made by organizations across various sectors in Canada. Mercy Ships Canada’s selection highlights the organization’s unwavering commitment to improving access to surgical care. Mercy Ships operates hospital ships that provide free surgical care in low-resource settings with limited access to healthcare. A dedicated team of medical and other professionals work tirelessly to offer life-transforming surgeries and support the education and training of local healthcare professionals.

“We are pleased that the Canadian Business Awards recognize the humanitarian contribution of Mercy Ships Canada volunteers,” said Darryl Anderson. “The award is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our incredible team and the impact we have collectively made in the lives of people in need.”

Mercy Ships is a beacon of humanitarian work and an innovator in surgical healthcare delivery. Our mobile hospital platform reaches remote and underserved communities, demonstrating our commitment to accessibility. We also prioritize sustainability and capacity building, empowering local healthcare professionals and contributing to the transformation of thousands of lives.

This award reflects honour on Mercy Ships Canada and the many Canadian volunteers onboard our two hospital ships. Their selfless dedication and diverse roles are crucial to our operations. Click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities and join our impactful team.