You Can Make a Difference by Hosting an Event

Host an event to help bring hope and healing to people in great need of free,
life transforming surgeries in Africa.

Medical Day

How wonderful it is when friends, relatives and colleagues come together to help make a difference by helping those in greatest need. Behold the power and fun of organizing a special event to help Mercy Ships provide free life transforming surgeries and other medical services to vulnerable children and adults who cannot afford or do not have access to medical care.

Now with the easing of restrictions on social gatherings, what better time to reunite with those who are important in your life by hosting an event to support Mercy Ship’s mission to bring first world healthcare to developing countries and following the 2,000 year-old model of Jesus by aiding those in greatest need.

Need a Direct Contact?

In order to ensure a successful fundraising event, Mercy Ships Canada has developed a third party fundraising event package that will help guide you through the steps as you plan and implement your event.
To obtain more information on how to host an event for Mercy Ships Canada, please contact Ms. Kornelia Eisfeld. S
he will be pleased to provide you with a copy of the guide, application agreement, and the necessary forms. 

People of loving service are rare in any walk of life. We are grateful to you for walking alongside Mercy Ships Canada and for considering to host an event to help leverage your kind support of those in greatest need. 

The real change comes when we all work together.

Become a difference-maker.
Your contribution can give someone the healthcare they need and deserve.