Stephanie Bauman: A busy sabbatical

Stephanie Bauman

More than 10 years ago, a friend of Stephanie’s boarded the Africa Mercy. She witnessed the impact on her life and decided that one day it would be her turn.

Riley Chow: Testing The Waters

Story of Riley Chow

Riley is a young writing professional from Vancouver who has been considering joining the work of Mercy Ships for eight years.

Céline Léger: A French-speaking Canadian on board

Celine Leger

A few years ago, Céline, nearing retirement, was looking for a volunteer involvement that would match her passion. While working as a pediatric nurse, a doctor from the Montreal Children’s Hospital presented a case from one of his services on the Africa Mercy.

Renee: from one transformed life to another

Light of Hope Church Renee Snyder

Renee’s story is one of a community mobilized and committed to making a difference in the world. Renee boarded the Africa Mercy in March 2022. She has signed on as a receptionist for six months while the ship is docked in Senegal.

Shae and Chris Attwater

Volunteer Chris Attwater

Shae joined the Africa Mercy to teach part-time as well as accompany her daughters in learning about life onboard. Chris has become the principal of the Academy on the Africa Mercy, and Araina and Amayah want to follow in their parents’ footsteps and become teachers.

Irik and Cathy Mallie

Irik and Cathy Mallie

Since 2009, Irik and Cathy Mallie have served with the Africa Mercy. Irik is the Chief Engineer and Cathy is the Palliative Care Team Leader.

Greg Abakhan

Greg Abakhan

A decade ago, Greg Abakhan was a provider of customized clothing. Fast-forward to January 2020, he is now the Lead Deckhand with Mercy Ships.

Lisa Benner

Lisa Benner

Lisa Benner grew up listening to stories of traveling and making a difference, dreaming of one day having adventures of her own.

Marsha Tanner’s Story

Nurse Marsha Tanner

When Marsha Tanner returned as a casual relief nurse after retiring in 2018, she didn’t expect to be working as often as she is right now.