Ray Scheepstra

Ray Scheepstra is a four-year, seasoned volunteer onboard the Africa Mercy, serving as the ship Electrician.

After first serving in 2017 while the hospital ship was in dry dock in the Canary Islands, he returned to serve in 2018 and completed his most recent service in January 2019.

In Ontario, Ray works for Automated Logic in Concord, Ontario as a Project Manager.

“I have been following Mercy Ships for years and made the decision to get involved after working with previous Mercy Ships volunteers on a World Renew Project repairing damage from a tornado in Northern Florida in December 2016,” he says, reflecting on how he first got involved with Mercy Ships.

This electrician is certainly no stranger to volunteering his time and skills – Ray previously helped build a school in Zambia, joined the Rapid Response to Tornadoes and Floods team for World Renew, volunteered in Bolivia, Peru, Jamaica and Honduras and currently volunteers with Halton Regional Police.

“I want to be able to help others. Do what I can to make things happen. I have been so blessed; I need to share what I have been given with others”

When reading about Mercy Ships, most people imagine the doctors and the nurses who work in the onboard hospital helping transform lives. But these transformation simply would not be possible without volunteers like Ray. Technical volunteers are vital in the everyday operations of Mercy Ships, though we often have a much harder time finding volunteers to fill these positions.