With Health Care Volunteers, Our Ships Become Hospitals

Physicians and Surgeons, Operating Room, Hospital, Medical Support and Medical Capacity Building

Mercy Ships medical volunteers are bridge builders, instilling hope and patient empowerment and promoting social justice by addressing health disparity by providing holistic healthcare care in low-resource settings. So, get on board and fulfill an extraordinary mission by sharing your knowledge, experience, and skills to bring hope and healing. Be part of a cohesive international team tackling the global surgical crises. Volunteer opportunities in the operation room, hospital, medical support, and capacity-building areas. Mercy Ships volunteers bring culturally respectful, safe, and accessible healthcare to Africa. Join the community aboard our hospital ships and make your mark today by delivering compassionate surgical care.

Why You are Needed

Each year, healthcare volunteers from 60 nations serve on board our fleet doing humanitarian work.

Become a Medical Volunteer in Africa


Operating Room Volunteers

Be part of life-transforming surgeries.



Care for our patients and crew.


Medical Support Volunteers

Help make our ships world-class hospitals.


Career growth opportunities are available in the following fields

Senior Biomedical Technician

Chief Medical Officer

Medical Laboratory Technologist

OR Sterile Processing Technician

Pediatric Nurse

We are here to help you in your volunteer journey!

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Volunteering for Mercy Ships

What you need to know to volunteer in Africa:


There are a limited number of cabins for families and married couples. Single people share a cabin with between 3 and 9 people.


Onboard, meals are provided. Special diets can’t be catered. There is also a Starbucks cafe with a snack bar and shop.


The ships are equipped with a laundromat, recreational and sports areas, a school for children of volunteers, a medical crew clinic and Wi-Fi.


You may have the opportunity to leave the ships to explore the city and its surroundings, go to the beach, the market or participate in volunteer off-ship opportunities.

Time Comitment

As healthcare volunteers, positions from 2 weeks to 10 months are available.
Long term comitments from 2 years and more are also possible.


You must be a minimum of 18 years old, have a good knowledge of English and meet immunization requirement.

Core Values

We are an inclusive faith-based organization. We ask our volunteers to respect the core values of Mercy Ships and our code of conduct.

Regulation Forms

Volunteers are subject to maritime law: various codes and regulations have to be signed on board. A medical form provided by your doctor is required to vouch for your good health.

Volunteer Opportunities With Mercy Ships

Live out your values, apply your skills overseas and expand your professional and social network. To help provide safe, accessible, and free health care in Africa, Mercy Ships uses the experience and expertise of volunteer crew members. So, embark on an adventure today that will make a difference in the lives of others strengthen community, and invest in the next generation’s future.

Want to serve but it’s not the right time?

Consider helping volunteers in their fundraising efforts.