Thank You to All Our Partners Who Helped Transform Lives in 2019!

Introduction to Mercy Ships Course

In 2019, partners from around the world came together to transform lives in Guinea and Senegal. 

Thanks to this generosity, over 1,500 surgeries changed the lives of those who needed them, over 29,000 dental procedures were performed, and over 1,000 individuals participated in our Medical Capacity Building courses…in two different countries!

Thank you to all our partners who helped us transform lives in 2019 – we hope you will join us to transform even more lives in 2020! Scroll down to see some of the biggest transformations the Canadian partners made possible last year.

Aliou Transformation
Aminata Transformation
Charity Transformation
Drissa Transformation
Faoudou Transformation
Gamai Transformation
Houssainatou Transformation
Ibrahima Transformation
Isatu Transformation
Mafoudiya Transformation
Koumba Transformation
Mercy Transformation
N'Nady Transformation
Salematu Transformation
Sailou Transformation
Samory Transformation
Sema Transformation
Tene Transformation

Africa Celebration

The Africa Celebration is a moment to pause and give thanks for 30 years of partnership, filled with stories of hope and healing.

Patient Sokhna

The Africa Mercy Welcomes First Patients on Board

Two years ago, when the Africa Mercy sailed from Senegal, hundreds of patients were left still waiting for their chance for surgery.

On February 1st, the ship returned to the port of Dakar to bring hope and healing to these patients and their families.

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