Meet the Crew: Orthopedic Operating Team

Operating Team

Dr. Frank and Kathleen Haydon have led our orthopedic operating team aboard the Africa Mercy since 2009. Dr. Frank is our lead orthopedic surgeon while Kathleen is an operating room nurse and the orthopedic operating room team leader.

Dr. Frank Hayden and Nurse Kathleen Haydon

“The first year we came in was much more intense,” shares Kathleen. “We brought with us what we know from home and the rush of the OR’s and go-go-go and here it’s more relational. I think that has been a good growing thing for us. These are lives that are being touched and changed and we have to slow down and enjoy it.”

“What keeps us coming back is the transformation of the kids we take care of,” says Dr. Frank. “You can see them come to life and start to shine before your very eyes and starting to do things that are relatively simple for us but not available to them. It’s gratifying to us to participate in their miracles.”

“It’s quite fun,” Kathleen shares. “We met working together. We used to work together many years ago. It’s fun being able to come back here and work side by side. We enjoy it. I think we make a good team in the OR.”

Thanks for all that you do Dr. Frank and Nurse Kathleen!

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