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Project Need

Hope Medical Centre is a medical/surgical facility in the village of N’Zao, in the south eastern region of Guinea. It is part of the non-governmental organization (NGO), Association Medicale Esperance De Guinee (https://hopeguinea.org).

Presently, the Hope Medical Centre does not possess a central server for their hospital and this project will allow them to professionalize and improve administrative functions of the hospital.  The lab equipment will replace outdated items and they also anticipate that some of the new equipment will help them perform lab tests that they have be unable to perform. Their existing autoclaves are more than 20 years old, so this project will help them purchase newer models. 

The hospital also reports an increase in road traffic accidents, possibly caused from increasing use of motorbikes in the area.  The orthopedic surgical table will allow them to more properly secure and treat trauma patients versus their existing standard table.  

The equipment in this project includes information technology, lab, operations, sterilization instruments and surgical equipment.

Project Overview

The project will provide equipment for the Hope Medical Centre in Guinea so they can continue to provide care to the local population, enhance their current services and improve their administrative support system with equipment and technology. Mercy Ships experience in Guinea confirms the country has a great need for improved surgical services. For most people in Guinea, medical and surgical care is inaccessible due to lack of available health providers, or where care is available, it is often cost-prohibitive.


Anticipated Project Impacts

Mercy Ships and Hope Medical Centre have partnered together for several years, including collaborating for selection of Mercy Ships’ patients, training for the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment and mentoring for surgeons and nurses. 

Hope Medical Centre, Centre Médical l’Esperance de N’Zao (CMEZ), began as a small health post. A few years later, it received the status of a Medical health centre by the Guinean government. The hospital presently sees between 80 and 100 outpatients a day, with an average of 30 to 35 surgical operations a month. The clinic now has 22 beds, and on most days, 20 of those beds are occupied. The dental clinic sees around 45-50 people a month for extractions, cleaning and fillings.

In Q3 of 2023, 40% of the equipment has been procured, purchased, shipped, and delivered to the Hope Medical Centre and the biomed and technical staff have installed the equipment.

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Hope Medical Centre


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