The HOPE Centre is Now Open!

HOPE Centre Cameroon

Today the Hospital Out Patient Extension (HOPE) Centre in Cameroon opened its doors to patients and caregivers. We can’t wait to see the transformation that this space will help make in people’s lives. The HOPE Centre has been 100% funded by you, our Canadian donors! Take a look at the before and after photographs and stay tuned for more exciting news to come in September.

Transforming the HOPE Centre has been quite the journey. What once was a tired and derelict space is now a bright and welcoming home away from home for our patients! With five facilitators and 40 day crew, running the Centre is no small feat. For many patients – some of whom travel for hours or even days to reach us – their stay here often bookends their Mercy Ships story.

Compared to other field services, this year’s HOPE Centre will have almost double the capacity! When filled with patients we will now have 220 spaces at one time.

“This year our Center is larger because the Cameroonian government has requested that we see patients from every region of the country” – Martha Rodriguez, HOPE Centre Manager.

With ninety percent of patients coming from up country, we will have the opportunity to support a diverse range of people from some of the nation’s most remote locations.

We look forward to welcoming the thousands of patients who will pass through these doors; thousands of lives to be changed, thousands of stories to be told and thousands of smiles to be shared as our work in Cameroon begins!

Thank you for your continued support!

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