Hope For Baby Israel

Hope for Baby Israel

Sometimes, a picture is all you need to fall in love. When surgeries started in Benin in September, the Mercy Ships Canada office couldn’t wait to see the pictures of patients whose lives were transformed.

When we received a picture of 8-month-old baby Israel, who the screening team met at the main screening center in Cotonou, it was love at first site. Israel’s mother Simone brought him to see the Mercy Ships Screening Team at the beginning of September, and we were all thrilled to hear that he was one of the first successful surgeries of the field service.

Israel Maxillofacial Screening
Israel and his mom wait on the dock during the maxillofacial screening.

After having his cleft lip repaired on September 16th, Israel has now been discharged and is on his way to a full recovery. When our photographer asked Simone what her family said upon seeing Israel post-surgery, she said “we’re so grateful to Mercy Ships, to all of you, for doing this for us, and we pray for all of you.

Israel Cleft Lip Recovery
Pediatric ICU nurse Lindsay McCurley plays with cleft palate patient Israel as he recovers in D Ward.

Though his cleft lip was much deeper than normal and he will possibly need another surgery to permanently correct it, Israel was all smiles as he and his mother left the hospital ship. We will be visiting them at home in a few weeks and little Israel will continue to be carefully monitored as he recovers.

Israel Post Surgery
Israel on the dock, waiting for his outpatients appointment.
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