Republic of Cameroon

Mercy Ships visited the Republic of Cameroon for the first time for a 10-month field service from August 2017-June 2018.

The Minister of Public Health informs the general public that upon invitation of the HEAD OF STATE H.E. Paul BIYA, that the international NGO Mercy Ships will carry out a Care Mission in Cameroon from 17 August 2017 to June 2018. This Humanitarian Mission is placed under the very High Patronage of the First Lady, H.E. Mrs. Chantal BIYA, and the high coordination of the Prime Minister, Head of Government.

The hospital ship, Africa Mercy, will provide medical and surgical care in the surgical specialties below to more than 3,000 mainly poor patients, who were selected between April and May 2017 in the 10 regions of Cameroon.

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475,000 km²
Life expectancy
65 years
Human Development Index
Rank 150 from 189
24 million
Doctors per 100,000 inhabitants
Official language French & English, besides variety of local tribal languages
Cameroon Africa Map

Direct Medical Services


• General Surgeries Project
• Maxillofacial Surgical Project
• Orthopaedic Surgical Project
• Reconstructive Plastic Surgical Project
• Women’s Health Surgical Project
• Opthalmic Surgical Project

Non Surgical Plans:

• Dental Project Plan
• Hospital Chaplaincy
• Palliative Care

Medical Capacity Building

Training Courses:

• Essential Surgical Skills Courses
• Essential Pain Management Course
• Primary Trauma Care Courses
• SAFE Pediatric Anesthesia Courses
• Ultrasound Course
• Regional Anesthesia Course

Mentoring Projects:

• Obstetric Fistula (OBF) Mentoring
• Burns PUMP
• Intensive Care (ICU) PUMP
• Maxillofacial PUMP
• Surgeon Mentoring
• Anesthesia Provider Mentoring
• Ophthalmic Mentoring

Infrastructure Renovations:

• Cameroon Dental and Eye Clinic Renovations
• Nylon Hospital Expansion Project

HOPE Centre- onshore extension of our floating hospital

Preparation for our mission in Cameroon has already begun several months before the arrival of the ship. Shortly after our arrival, for example, we opened the HOPE Centre, a building that had been completely renovated and fitted out to serve as an onshore extension of our floating hospital. Patients operated on board the Africa Mercy often have to travel many hours, even several days, to return home. The HOPE Centre allows them to stay under the supervision of our nurses to recover with their loved ones. After the ship’s departure, the infrastructure will be used by a hospital in Douala to continue to serve as a long-term medical centre.

"Day crew", our local co-workers

More than 260 Cameroonians were hired to support us in the various areas of work on board. We are honored to be able to collaborate with local professionals. These workers, mechanics, radiology assistants and dining room assistants will come on board every day of the week to serve with us the people of their country. Their proficiency in local languages and English is an important part of their commitment to making it easy for us to communicate with our patients!

Arriving in a country of operation is a joyous occasion. © Mercy Ships
Locals dance and celebrate the arrival of the ship in Cameroon. © Mercy Ships
Docking the ship is always a special moment for the crew. Anticipation for the upcoming mission is in the air. © Mercy Ships
Ship arrival in Cameroon. © Mercy Ships