A Young Leader's Philanthropic Inspiration

Generous girl

A Touching Visit

Since the start of COVID, we do not experience many visitors to our Victoria, B.C. office. Yet, a week before Christmas, when Mercy Ships Canada office staff were busily engaged in their duties, the front door suddenly opened and in walked an engaging young leader named Julie Van Domselaar and her mother, Christine!

Julie reached out to one of our staff members with an envelope in her hand and said, “Here is a donation to help people in Africa; I saved up my money from dog sitting and would like to share it with Mercy Ships Canada.”

Julie went on to say “I chose Mercy Ships because they help those in need and because 2 Corinthians 9:7-8 tells us to be cheerful givers.”

With a small open office, other staff members could not resist standing up to see this remarkable young person whose philanthropic leadership resulted in her donating her hard-earned money to people in great need of free surgeries.

An Inspiring Gift

Mercy Ships Canada staff were touched to receive Julie’s donation at a time when many young people may be tempted to focus on the gifts they would be receiving at Christmas. Yet, during such an inspirational moment, you could feel the generous heart of a cheerful giver, which reminds us all there are many ways we can follow the 2000-year-old model of Jesus.

Mercy Ships Canada staff have reflected on this young leader’s poise, grace and authentic act of generosity that entrusted us to help solve the global surgical crises one patient at a time.

As we enter 2023, Julie’s leadership serves as a beacon of philanthropic generosity that helps advance the cause of health justice. It demonstrates that every action can bring hope and healing to people who cannot afford or do not have access to surgeries or other medical procedures.

 Mercy Ships Canada thanks God for Julie, her family and all our partners in 2023. You bless us, so we, in turn, may bless others in the year ahead.

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