Biomedical Training Graduation

Heroes of Healthcare - Emmanuel Essah

The Biomedical Technician Training project teaches participants proper repair and maintenance techniques of medical equipment. They received eight weeks of training in three blocks (three weeks/two weeks/three weeks). The training was held within the newly refurbished Biomed workshop at Hôpital Laquintinie (Douala) and was provided in partnership with Medical Aid International (UK) to provide the necessary equipment for the safe and effective repair of medical equipment.

Biomed training class at Hôpital Laquintinie

All participants passed the final test after eight weeks of hard work. They learned not only how to repair and maintain medical equipment, but they also got trained in the Train the Trainer techniques, how to run and manage a meeting, how to take care and organize their equipment, and how to work together. We also donated equipment and all 10 participants received a personal toolkit to maintain and repair medical equipment on the job.

MCB biomedical training

In January we will start with a new Biomedical Training Program and a new group of students! We pray for all the participants that we trained and the ones that will start in January. We are confident that they will impact their workplace for the good and that they will play a significant part in making their hospitals grow and develop.

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