The HOPE Centre (Canadian Program)

The Hospital Out Patient Extention (HOPE) Centre is a facility that supports the hospital on board. It aims to provide bed space and free up beds on board the ship enabling more life-changing surgeries to take place. Patients and caregivers come from the distant provinces and stat after their surgery until no further medical intervention is required.

In 2017, Mercy Ships Canada funded the $1.3 million HOPE Centre project in Douala, Cameroon which will continue to meet the health needs of Cameroonians long after the Africa Mercy has departed.

The HOPE Centre was a home to plastic reconstructive, maxillofacial and orthopaedic patients recovering from surgery and provided a place for patients’ loved ones to stay and watch over them while they recovered.

2017 HOPE Centre 

  • 234 beds
  • 64,194 meals served
  • 41 day crew working 24/7
  • 6 Facilitators
  • 2000+ trips transporting patients
  • 31,811 patient and caregiver nights