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Food for Life Training: The Importance of Nutrition in Promoting Better Health

Training is going very well. This week was Compost making, building a Compost Nursery table and planting lettuce,eggplant and tomatoes,building the rabbit house, making yogurt, natural insecticides, Hope for Africa. Our trainees start the day with one sharing devotions. They have been doing a great job with that. This also gives us a chance to […]

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Trinity Western University Alumni Serve in West Africa

[:en]They come from far and wide, wearing large headscarves and balaclavas to hide their faces—and their shame. In West Africa, a disproportionate number of children and adults suffer from large, life-threatening facial tumors. Shunned by their communities, and sometimes by their own families, they have nowhere else to turn. But onboard the Africa Mercy, a […]

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