Canadian Health Care Support Services & Infrastructure

Financial investment in surgical care in many parts of Africa is very low at global and national levels. Resources to address surgical-related conditions account for a tiny portion of health development assistance. Most resources are allocated to infectious diseases, maternal health, and strengthening child health and the health system. Yet, access to timely and affordable surgery is essential for meeting sustainable development goals.

Mercy Ships Canada healthcare-related volunteers and infrastructure projects address the needs of some of the most resource-constrained African nations and changing trends in development assistance. Skilled professional volunteers help support surgical care and infrastructure needed by the medical staff and patients. With your social impact investment, we can provide urgently needed surgical support services and infrastructure that will have a lasting impact. Learn more about some of our Canadian projects below.


Medical Waste Converter

Contributing to medical infrastructure is an essential part of Mercy Ships Canada’s work. For example, the Canadian project will allow medical waste to be safely handled through existing waste collection systems after processing in Senegal.

Hope Center

HOPE Centre

The HOPE Centre frees up precious bed space in the hospital wards on the ship and allows optimization of the ship’s surgical capacity.


Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital Chaplaincy provides holistic care to patients by focusing on their spiritual, psychological, social, emotional and physical needs.