With Technical Volunteers, Our Ships Become Hospitals.

Management and Information Services

Propelled by compassion, lives are transformed by action when Mercy Ships volunteers bring safe and accessible healthcare to Africa. So, get on board and fulfill an extraordinary mission by sharing your knowledge, experience, skills, and drive to bring hope and healing. Career growth opportunities for electricians, plumbers, deck officers, marine engineers, information technology, hospitality staff, teachers and more. Join an international volunteer health care community aboard our hospital ships and make your mark today.

Why You are Needed

Each year as many as 1,550 volunteers from 60 nations serve on board our fleet doing humanitarian work.

How to Become a Technical Volunteer in Africa


Share your skills and talents.

We need all types of volunteers, not just qualified medical professionals. 


Fill out an application form.

Once you’ve filled out your application online, a team member will follow up with your references.


Change someone’s life – forever.

You can change someone’s life by bringing them the healthcare they need.  


Career growth opportunities are available in the following fields

Volunteering for Mercy Ships

What you need to know to volunteer in Africa:

Hope Centre


There are a limited number of cabins for families and married couples. Single people share a cabin with between 3 and 6 people.


Onboard, three meals are served each day at specific times. There is also a Starbucks cafe with a snack bar and shop.


The ships are equipped with a self-service laundromat, a small hairdressing salon, a bank, a library, a small gym and pool, various lounge areas, a school for the children of volunteers, and even a medical clinic, specifically for the crew. Wi-Fi is available throughout, including in your cabin. 


You may have the opportunity to leave the ships to explore the city and its surroundings, go to the beach, the market or participate in Mercy Ministries.

Time Comitment

The ships stay about 10 months (September to June) and then undergo a technical phase of two months (July & August), usually in the Canary Islands.

Age Requirements

You must be a minimum of 18 years old and have a good knowledge of English.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Core Values

We are an inclusive faith-based organization. We ask our volunteers to respect the core values of Mercy Ships and our code of conduct.

Regulation Forms

Because you will be considered a volunteer crew member on the ships, you will be subject to maritime law. This will involve various codes and regulations to sign on board and it is also for this reason that a medical form must be completed by your doctor to vouch for your good health.

Volunteer Opportunities With Mercy Ships

It’s an all-hands-on-deck job.
So, partner with us today, and don’t miss the opportunity to help change someone’s life forever.
Your support and volunteer efforts bring hope and healing to so many in great need.