Medical Waste Convertor Project Senegal

Canadian Program

Contributing to medical infrastructure is an essential part of Mercy Ships Canada’s work. For example, the Canadian project will allow medical waste to be safely handled through existing waste collection systems after processing in Senegal.

Director of Hospital Matam (left) and Jeff Boyce, Mercy Ships Global Facilities Director (right)

Project Need

The new waste converters automatically convert medical waste to a safe form that can be handled in the household waste stream.  It sterilizes waste through a disinfection based on microwave technology and does not rely on the requirement for high pressure steam.  This makes the process safer, ensures harmful material is neutralized, and this is done in an environmentally and economically sustainable manner.   Given the challenges facing the world today around global warming and the potential for spread of dangerous viruses, this is a very important initiative.


Mercy Ship's Partnerships in Senegal

Mercy Ships Canada is honored to be part of the Mercy Ships initiative in working closely with the Ministry of Health and Social Action Department and the Department for Infrastructure, Equipment, and Maintenance, of the Government of Senegal, for the purchase and installation of medical waste converters at healthcare facilities throughout Senegal. The purchase and installation of the waste converters is part of country-wide initiative to reduce carbon emissions and to build a sustainable, safe, and environmentally friendly program of waste disposal for the country.


Mercy Ships Canada Project Overview

Financial support from Mercy Ships Canada for the medical waste converters will help provide for the purchase of six converters that will be installed at additional hospitals and medical centers. This project supports the global Mercy Ships’ initiative to assist in the installation of land-based medical infrastructure that will help the Government of Senegal build capacity to support a stronger, and sustainable healthcare system for their citizens. 

The Mercy Ships collaboration with the Senegalese government will reduce emissions and ensure the safe handling of hazardous medical waste material. From an environmental point of view, the leading edge technology used in the medical waste converters are much preferred to incinerators as they allow medical waste to be safely handled through existing waste collection systems after processing.

2022 Project Impacts

The six medical waste converters and associated equipment and infrastructure were procured in 2022. Two of the units were installed and four units were pending installation in spring 2023 as available electricity at the facilites is upgraded. Specialized training for all the technicians involved in the maintenance and the use of the converters is set for early 2023.


Medical Waste Convertor


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