How to help by collecting Air Miles


Collect Air Miles points

Mercy Ships Canada works to raise funds, recruit volunteers and serve our supporters all across this great big country from one small office in Victoria, BC. We do what we can over the phone, via email and traditional mail and Skype. But occasionally this just isn’t enough.

From time to time throughout the year Mercy Ships Canada’s employees have to travel. We travel to meet with existing donors, to attend medical and corporate conferences in hopes of meeting new volunteers and donors, to speak in front of large audiences about our mission and to nurture partnerships. While we do what we can from our west coast office, sometimes travel is just necessary.

How collecting Air Miles helps

Travel within Canada isn’t cheap. This year to date, Mercy Ships would have had to spend more than $7,000 on flights. But because supporters across the country are collecting Air Miles points on our behalf that money went into programming instead.

A few years ago we launched our Mercy Miles program. You’ve heard of Air Miles? It’s that, but with a network of people collecting points for the same account, the Mercy Ships account.

Our supporters request a Mercy Miles card and use it as they would an Air Miles card at one of the 220 eligible retailers. While it can seem like it’s taking forever to build up points when you’re working at it on your own, when there are hundreds of you the points accrue faster than you would think!

Do you have your card yet? If not fill out the form below or call our office toll free 1-866-900-7447 and we will put one in the mail.

The simple act of swiping a card, when done by many, has brought hope and healing to so many people.

Thank you to all those who swipe!