Mercy Ships is an international humanitarian organization that uses hospital ships to deliver free, world-class healthcare services and medical capacity building in the world's poorest nations. Founded in 1978 by Don and Deyon Stephens, Mercy Ships has worked in over 70 countries, providing $1.53 billion in services to more than 2.71 million direct beneficiaries. Every year over 1000 volunteers from up to 40 nations volunteer onboard the Africa Mercy, the world's largest civilian hospital ship.

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surgical procedures performed since 1978.

Surgical Programs

health care professionals trained since 1978.

Local Capacity Building

volunteers from 62 nations onboard the Africa Mercy every year.

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When the world feels uncertain, we look for the good When we realize that
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Business Continuity Response Actions of Mercy Ships Canada for Dealing with COVID-19

Mercy Ships is the world’s leading non-governmental, ship-based medical organization Therefore, the safety and well-being of our staff, volunteer
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Instagram post 2280027716835163068_331223777 For over 40 years we have served in areas with minimal healthcare development and have seen the catastrophic effects this has on people and communities. We have also witnessed the transformation that occurs when healthcare systems are strengthened and medical capacity is increased. Everyone deserves access to quality healthcare, and though we are not there yet, we believe it can become a reality.
#WorldHealthDay #MercyShips #healthcare
Instagram post 2279267760877281739_331223777 Providing life-changing surgeries to those in need is a vital part of our mission, but it is only an idea until action is taken. This is why we are so passionate about partnering with countries where healthcare is not easily accessible. Your support has given us the opportunity to serve in over 50 countries. Let's double that number.
#WorldHealthDay #MercyShips #healthcare #equality
Instagram post 2278545524721505870_331223777 “Love conquers all difficulties, surmounts all obstacles, and effects what to any other power would be impossible.”
- William Godwin
But what does #love look like? For us it's looked like hundreds of people offering their time and talents as volunteers onboard the #AfricaMercy. It's been found in the bonds that form between crew and patients. And it's something that is sustained by each and every one of you that supports us. Let's keep love in motion by working together to improve #healthcare systems worldwide. #WorldHealthDay #MercyShips
Instagram post 2277828219765969794_331223777 Marine Engineers: #MercyShips has a #volunteer opening for a Third Engineer. Are you interested in working hard to make hope and healing possible in sub-Saharan Africa? Join us!#canadian #volunteer #opportunities #africa #engineers #engineering
Instagram post 2276345956189659327_331223777 Mouhamed and his father have returned home and their entire community can see the transformation in him. "The way he interacts with others now has totally changed. It's incredible," Mactar expressed, "My son has a new face and new life."
Instagram post 2275679055251927004_331223777 Remember Mouhamed? The 11-year-old came to the #AfricaMercy with his father, Mactar, and received free surgery to remove the tumour in his mouth. Now, you never would have known it was there!
Instagram post 2274224518523541810_331223777 It's not just #orthopaedic surgery onboard the #AfricaMercy that has fixed the twins' bowed legs. Our volunteer physical therapists have helped Ousseynou and Assane to learn to walk again on their straightened legs! It may look like a walk in the park now, but the twins have worked really hard to get this far. We're so proud of their determination!#ortho #inspiration #goodnews #thatsmile
Instagram post 2273468034549878385_331223777 We recently hosted a delegation from the Sierra Leone Ministry of Health and Sanitation (MoHS) onboard the #AfricaMercy. After a tour of the ship and hospital, the delegation was pleased to meet eleven of their country's citizens, who are currently volunteering with #MercyShips!
Instagram post 2272747285636798242_331223777 Since 1978, #MercyShips has offered free surgical care to countries in the lower third of the #UnitedNations Human Development Index. Thanks to our generous partners and dedicated volunteers, more than 2.7 million lives have been impacted by the services provided over the years. We are so thankful for all that has been accomplished! #UN #development

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