Transforming Your University or College Experience

10 August 2016
[:en]Uvic ClubAs a University or College student school is top priority. Hours will be spent in lectures, libraries and all-night cafes pouring over the pages and pages of readings and assignments professors hand out. However, when students look back at their post-secondary careers they will have more than just memories of studying.

University/College is a time for students to make new friendships, learn more about themselves and discover what their passions are.

For Myles, a student at the University of Victoria, his passion for helping others came through exposure to the incredible works of Mercy Ships.

After being told by family about a hospital ship providing free life saving surgeries to those in need he knew he had to get involved. He says “Just like any other exciting thing, when you first hear about it, all you want to do is share it with everyone you meet.” All he needed was to find people to share with.

This is where the Mercy Ships Campus Network came into play. One of the first things he did when starting at the University of Victoria was sign up to be a member of the Mercy Ships Club. He became part of a nationwide network of campus clubs extremely passionate about helping transform the lives of the world’s poor. His club and the clubs across Canada meet regularly to discuss upcoming events, creative fundraising ideas or to learn more about what is happening on the ship.

While the clubs primary goals are to bring awareness and raise funds for Mercy Ships, the opportunity the clubs present goes much deeper. As club leader at the University of Victoria Myles explains “Not only is it a great way to make enduring friendships, but it’s a chance to develop leadership and communication skills in a more relaxed and fun setting.” Fun is a key component of the campus clubs. It is the social and fun aspect of the clubs that creates lasting memories. We encourage members to get to know one another, run events that will be enjoyable for everyone and foster a welcoming atmosphere.

Amidst the craziness of school, the Mercy Ships club provides meaning to a University experience. As Myles reflects on his time with the Mercy Ships Campus Network he says “it’s nice to know that between your Lectures and midterms you’ve managed, in your own small way, to help bring hope and healing to someone who needs it.”

Would you or someone you know be interested in joining a club or starting their own chapter at their University or College? If so, please send an email to [email protected] We are always looking to bring on new clubs across Canada![:]