The Big Impact of Small Investments

1 September 2015

Mercy Ships would be nothing without our amazing partners, donors and volunteers.

Community care is an integral part of our field service in the countries we serve

Thanks to the support of people all over the world, we have provided care to over 2.5 million people in 37 years, visiting 587 ports since Mercy Ships was founded in 1978.

Each country we visit is unique, as are the people and the problems they face. Therefore our programs vary with each country we visit, tailored to fit the needs of different cultures and communities.

This month we will start our second field service in Madagascar. Thanks to committed donors and volunteers, in addition to providing free surgeries and healthcare onboard the Africa Mercy, we will also be investing in a wide range of health infrastructure, training and programs that address pressing needs for the people of Madagascar.

Running capacity building programs in addition to a full service hospital onboard the Africa Mercy takes a lot of time, money and resources. So many people give generous gifts that help make our work possible, but it is our monthly donors who really allow us to invest in programs that go above and beyond to foster long term health in the countries we work in.

Photo Credit Katie Keegan - OBF Dress Ceremony Group Portrait
The Women’s Health Program gives all its patients a new dress to symbolize a fresh start.

These monthly donors don’t all give a huge amount of money each month – some give as little as $5 – but knowing we can count on them every month with a reliable donation allows us to develop projects that would be impossible without them.

Thanks to monthly donors and volunteers, this year we are building a Women’s Health Clinic in Madagascar, which will provide long-term support for women with devastating conditions like VVF (LINK). We are also investing more in the Food for Life Program (LINK), which addresses food insecurity by giving Malagasy communities long term solutions for hunger in impoverished communities.

This is in addition to the 2, 091 free life changing surgeries we will give in Madagascar this year, as well a wide range of general treatments, medical infrastructure and training programs. Without donors and volunteers, none of this would be possible.

Small gifts make a big difference.

As we start our second service in Madagascar, monthly donors have never had such a significant impact on our work in the field. Reliable monthly support means us being able to plan and carry out much needed projects, bringing hope and healing to as many people as possible.

This September we are asking you to consider what $5 means to you – a cup of coffee? Spare change around the house? To most people living in Madagascar, $5 is more than 25% of their monthly income. $5 can help put a roof over a family’s head, keep a child from going hungry and help care for them when they are sick. $5 a month can make a real difference.

Please consider investing in our projects and the people of Madagascar with a small gift each month. Click here (LINK) to learn about the various programs your help can support, and help us build a future in Madagascar where no one goes hungry, care is given to those in need, and hope is given to those who have none, long after the Africa Mercy departs.

Andrea, Donor Relations and Communications, Mercy Ships Canada