Specialty Focus: Plastics

11 July 2016
[:en]One of the specialties that Mercy Ships provides is Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. Patients who are treated often suffer from burn scarring and contractures which severely limit their mobility and functionality so things like writing with a pencil or combing their hair can prove impossible prior to surgery and these are limits they’ve often endured for years.

As well, benign tumors that grow to the point of discomfort, limited movement and often bring ridicule or shame are removed through our plastics program. During our time in Madagascar we were able to provide reconstructive plastic surgery to 195 patients. That’s 195 lives that will forever be changed because they can perform the most basic tasks which allow them to attend school, work, and thrive in community life.

Reconstructing Hope – Plastic Reconstructive Surgeries from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.[:]