National Volunteer Week 2018

16 April 2018

Each year Mercy Ships Canada says bon voyage to over a hundred volunteers from across the country as they depart for the Africa Mercy.

Volunteers pay their own way and give their time to help make the mission of Mercy Ships possible. We are in awe of their dedication, their generosity, and their enormous hearts.

Volunteering with Mercy Ships often means leaving a job behind, family, friends, a life, and becoming part of a brand new intimate community made up of over 30 nationalities. Volunteers are often-times thrown into fast-paced jobs where they’ve got to be on their toes, all while being introduced to a completely new culture with language barriers.

Although there are challenges, never does it stop our volunteers from helping individuals become active members of their communities again, allowing them to work, to go to school, to regain respect, to fill them with hope and most importantly live a happier and healthier life.

Missions are not always about serving on the frontlines. At the Mercy Ships Canada office, we have six volunteers who come in every week to help with various tasks (they’re a shy bunch so we apologize for not having a photo!)

Susanne – Card writer

Frankie – Bookkeeper

Margaret – Mailings

Cindy – Speaker’s Network

Pen – Chaplain

Denise – Card Writer

These volunteers save time and funds, some have a connection to Mercy Ships and some had never heard of us, but the mission speaks to their heart.

“I know I can count on them, they are a huge blessing” – Jane McIntosh, Mercy Ships Canada Donor Relations

There are countless other connectors in Canada who help make the work of Mercy Ships possible! This National Volunteer Week, we want to say THANK YOU, to each and every volunteer in Canada and internationally. You are changing lives, you are giving hope to a world that needs it.