Meet our Superheros: David

21 March 2017
[:en]Untitled design (40)“David,” a name that means, “Dearly loved.” This boy and his mother sat under a white canopy, waiting to be called. The idea of help from this large hospital ship was becoming more and more promising…just a few more steps, nurses, forms to go. Nervous anticipation should have been tempered by exhaustion from their persistent efforts, but it wasn’t. The two waited patiently to hear the name…“David…”

Just a few weeks prior, Diane had brought her son – six days straight – to join the line of thousands at the Mercy Ships screening center. She returned each day, without fail, until they met with the medical crew. David’s case was something the ship could help with.

They received a “yes.” They were now one step closer to David becoming free of the tennis-ball-sized mass that began growing eight years ago when he was only four. Eight years is just too long for her boy to face so many stares, comments and rejection. Diane’s determination to help her “beloved” speaks louder than words, something he will most likely never forget.

Weeks after surgery…

“I am now a handsome boy,” says David, who is at home after spending less than a week on board the Africa Mercy. One free surgery and this boy is no longer an outcast.

You ARE handsome, David – on the inside and out. We’ll miss you – and so will the patients you encouraged with your contagious smile! We wish you a very bright future full of joy.

Support the HOPE centre project and give patients like David a place to stay before and after surgery, ensuring a full recovery.

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