Meet our Partners: John and Mae

17 February 2017
[:en]Monthly partners John and Mae from Vancouver, BC first heard about Mercy Ships on a television program eight years ago. They also give back by being Miles for Mercy collectors, which means they collect Air Miles at all places that accept them and donate them to Mercy Ships Canada!

Jane, who speaks to Mercy Ships Canada donors on a daily basis, caught up with John and Mae to ask them a few questions and find out why they continue to be monthly partners.

What inspired you to give your first gift?

Seeing people who help other people. When people go out to help others…we want to join them. Your work was really interesting.

What inspired you to become a monthly partner?

We like the convenience. We can help more people that way.

Why do you think others should become monthly donors?

The more the better! When we learn more about Mercy Ships…we know our money is well spent.

How do you feel connected to Mercy Ships and the cause?

We like talking to Jane! We like the videos…to see the ship outside & inside. To see exactly what you do.

We are so grateful for partners like John and Mae, who give what they can to support the Mercy Ships mission in bringing free healthcare to the developing world. It couldn’t be done without people like them!

Take a moment to watch a recent favorite video of John and Mae’s

Jocelin from Mercy Ships on Vimeo.