Meet our International Crew: Dr. Michelle White

4 March 2016

Photo Credit Justine Forrest, Michelle White (GBR) Deputy Chief Medical OfficerDr. Michelle White, an anesthetist from the United Kingdom, first heard about Mercy Ships in the 1990’s as a medical student in Bristol.

She had an opportunity to tour the Anastasis and she thought, “this would be a really cool place to work. One day I would love to work here.”

Still needing to finish her schooling and gain some experience Dr. Michelle put the idea of joining the ship on the back burner. However, she never stopped praying for Mercy Ships over the next 15 years. Finally her opportunity came in 2005 and quickly she realized this was an organization God was calling her to serve sooner rather than later.

After completing her On-Boarding Training in 2012, Dr. Michelle joined the Africa Mercy first as an anesthesiologist, then as the anesthesiology supervisor and currently serves as the medical capacity building director and assistant chief medical officer.

In her time on board Dr. Michelle has helped pioneer the way for surgeries to happen in a safer way then they previously were in the countries we visit.

I think the end goal is to work ourselves out of a job (with these capacity building programs),” shared Dr. Michelle. “Often time people are protective of their area and we’re trying to get away from that.”

My personal dream would be that there wouldn’t be a country in Africa that doesn’t have a pediatric anesthesia service that could support the surgeons doing the surgery.

Dr. Michelle plays a vital role onboard the Africa Mercy and we are so grateful for her service!