Meet Baby Ichaou

13 April 2017
[:en]Baby Ichaou was born with a rare and dangerous condition. During pregnancy, his skull didn’t form all the way, causing brain matter to develop in a sac between his eyes. If left untreated, the condition could become life-threatening. However, Ichaou’s mom is making sure her son gets help…help in the form of free surgery.

Ichaou in recovery after surgery.

Ichaou came to screening wrapped up on the back of his mother, Molayo. Ichaou is Molayo’s first child, her family heard about Mercy Ships from Molayo’s husband’s other brother who’s an English teacher. Ichaou’s mother’s name, Molayo, means “I find joy” – and she certainly has because of her son and his surgical healing through Mercy Ships.

For Ichaou’s future? Molayo says, “He’ll go to school – he’ll choose for himself what he decides to do.”


Support babies like Ichaou who are recovering from surgery at the HOPE centre

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