Meet our Anchors: Maryan

6 September 2017
[:en]Dear Jane,

At 90, I’m rather stupid re-sending a photo of a card sample so am sending one I made yesterday for you to use and a bookmark. It may not be until late fall that I will have made enough to have a sale…with proceeds to Mercy Ships! (not a large amount). I’m going to a grandson’s wedding in a hotel near Frankfurt, Germany followed by a Rhine cruise from Basel Switzerland to Amsterdam with the groom’s mother my daughter #3.

– Sincerely, Maryan


At age 90 Maryan is still taking life by the reigns and giving back to others. Enjoy that cruise Maryan!

We are so grateful for our Shipmates who give what they can…some more, some less, but whatever the amount, their gift will change a life.

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