Match your Gift this December!

30 November 2016
Faith awaits her surgery dressing change.
Faith awaits her surgery dressing change.

This Christmas give someone the incredible gift of a restored life. Many patients will be waiting to have surgery or recovering from surgery onboard the Africa Mercy this Christmas with more patients walking up the gangway in the New Year.

Without your help, many people would continue to live a very hard life with a bleak future. However, we are so happy to be able to say that with such amazing support, one by one lives are changed and the futures of not only the individual but those connected to that individual will be changed.

For the month of December, your gift will be MATCHED, which means you will make twice the impact and help twice as many patients, patients like little Faith, who at just 3 years old, was badly burned when a candle fell and lit her bed on fire. Thankfully, Faith lived and because of donors and volunteers, Faith was admitted for surgery onboard the Africa Mercy in September and is now recovering from her surgery.

Give the gift of a transformed life this Christmas, and help patients like Faith get the help they need.

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