Leadership Transition in Mercy Ships Canada

10 October 2018

Mercy Ships Canada is in the process of transitioning to a new Executive Director to meet the Board of Director’s future strategic direction. The Board recognized the need for a Succession Plan, given both the current National Director’s retirement plans and the exponential growth in future demands driven by the impending arrival of the new ship. Consequently, our current director, Tim Maloney, will be leaving at the end of October 2018.

We would very much like to thank Tim for his 10 years of faithful service that has taken Mercy Ships to a strong and respected organization that it is today.

In the past several years, Mercy Ships in Canada has grown its annual revenues from $700,000 to over $3,600,000, including contributed services and we have increased our faithful financial supporters to over 7,000 Canadians.

Canada continues to be one of the main suppliers of volunteer crew on our hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. In 2017, our volunteers have been part of the approximately 450 other volunteers from over 60 different nations who work aboard the Africa Mercy. Volunteering from Canada has grown from around 50 annually to a high of 123 approved for work on our current ship contributing more than 35,000 hours. Our annual program provides value to our donors, not just our beneficiaries, by designing and implementing discrete projects within a host-country program.

Our National Board of Directors has grown from 4 people from the BC area to 12 high-level directors spread across the country. Our local staff has grown from one full time and 4 part-time, to 8 full time paid, plus 5 office volunteers, while actively engaging 3rd Party Fundraisers. We have increased our corporate communications by publishing Annual Reports for the last 4 years.

We continually celebrate the successes of the work of Tim and our Canadian office and look forward to a future of exciting growth.

Marilyn Collette

National Board Chair