Justine: the First Patient carried up the Gangway

24 September 2017
[:en]Our first patient up the gangway in Cameroon, 11-year-old Justine’s smile says it all – free surgeries can truly change lives.

Suffering from bowed legs, Justine has grown up struggling to walk properly, play with other kids and live a normal life. Without surgery, life would become increasingly difficult as she grew older.

Now, thanks to donors and volunteers, Justine has received free surgery to repair her bent legs! She is now continuing to receive treatment onboard the Africa Mercy that will help her walk properly with straight legs for the first time in her life.

justine (1)

Donors and volunteers from around the world are coming together to support the Mercy Ships field service in Cameroon, helping change lives like Justine’s. This support means that many more children like her will find hope and healing in coming months.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to the Cameroon field service so far, we are so grateful to witness the amazing transformations that love and generosity are creating in the world’s poorest nations.

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