Jocelin’s Fear Vanishes

11 August 2016
[:en]MGC160311_JOCELIN_PAT07073_BEFORE_WARD_MS001Jocelin looked around terrified. Who wouldn’t be scared? The twelve-year-old boy was in a strange place being evaluated by kind and caring Mercy Ships doctors, but they were strangers. They spent a lot of time evaluating the large grapefruit-size tumor on the left side of his neck, smiling at Jocelin and reassuring him that all would be well.

Jocelin’s father, Jean Paul, was also afraid. His son began developing the tumor about 18 months previously. At first, it was just a small bump – but, in a short amount of time, it began growing rapidly until his son hid it with a scarf to cover his shame. He was afraid of what the other children would say to him.

“He says that the kids don’t tease him, but he only takes the scarf off when he is with us,” shared Jean Paul. “It is difficult for me to see him with this thing growing on him.”

MGC160310_JOCELIN_PAT07073_WAREHOUSE_KK0004Local doctors offered to help, but at an enormous cost – far beyond the means of a simple farmer with 14 children. The surgery would be very risky within the limitations of local medicine. Jean Paul prayed for a miracle.

And, one day, he saw a miracle and knew hope existed. A passerby shared that he had just returned from a ship filled with foreigners that healed him from a tumor on his face. He had pictures to show the difference before and after the surgery. Jean Paul saw him as an answer to prayer.

After discovering the location of the ship in Tamatave, Jean Paul took his son there. He had never seen such kind doctors, such advanced equipment and people who showed love at every opportunity. Jean Paul was given the wonderful news that Jocelin would receive surgery at no cost.

MGC160318_JOCELIN_PAT07073_POST_OP_RP009On the day of the surgery, Jean Paul prayed that Jocelin would be healed. He waited, unsure of the result. Jean Paul could not believe his eyes when volunteer nurses returned Jocelin to the ward – his son’s tumor was gone! At once the fear that had gripped both father and son vanished, and they rejoiced at the amazing result.

Jean Paul shared what the surgery meant to him and his family: “We had no hope. You gave us hope. I am so very happy for this result. Thank you, and we bless your future journey.”

Story by Tanya Sierra

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