How You can Double Your Gift Year Round with Corporate Gift Matching

15 March 2016



What are corporate gift matching programs?

Many companies want to support the causes that their employees care about, so they set up charitable giving programs through which they match employee donations to eligible nonprofits. Matching gift programs are offered by many Canadian companies, ranging from … to …

An example of a matching gift in action would be a donor, who works for Costco, who donates $200 to Mercy Ships.The donor then submits the proper matching gift forms to his employer’s HR department or through an exclusive employee portal. Costco receives the request and matches the donation 1:1 by writing a check for $250 to the same nonprofit. The $250 check written by Bank of America is the matching gift, and it’s an example of how corporate giving can provide a major boost to any fundraising campaign.

Why do development staff and organizations overlook matching gifts?
Due to a number of barriers to entry, it’s a challenge for nonprofits to cultivate all of their potential matching gift money:
Limited information on where your donors or their spouses work
A lack of general knowledge about corporate giving programs
Challenges with communicating the appropriate match process, guidelines, and steps, so your donors can complete matching gift requests on their own
Given these obstacles, too many matching donations slip through nonprofits’ fingers. If you’re looking to increase matching donations, check out Double the Donation’s matching gift service. We can help you to raise more money from corporate employee giving programs.
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Why should nonprofits focus on matching gifts?
Every dollar counts, and matching gifts are free money that nonprofits often overlook. Your organization has already completed the heavy lifting of attracting donors and receiving donations, so don’t let easy, additional funding slip through your fingers.
Tracking and sharing matching gift information can be a major obstacle for a single nonprofit. Subscribing to a matching gift service makes it easy for donors both to discover that your organization accepts matching gifts and to find the relevant information for their respective companies.
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Why do companies offer matching gift programs?Companies with Matching Gift and Volunteer Grant Programs
In a perfect world, companies would match donations merely because they want to improve the world around them. That’s part of the equation, but much more factors into a company’s decision to offer a corporate giving program than the opportunity to do some good.
Perhaps the most common reason for corporate giving is the tax exemptions. That underscores the major theme of why corporate giving exists: Donating to charity is good for business.
Aside from money, matching gifts are great for global branding. For instance, Toms are synonymous with their one-for-one shoe program, and Google is regularly praised for its dedication to philanthropy. When businesses give back, they builds good reputations, and people associate those companies with positive emotions. Many consumers are more likely to purchase from companies that care about the bigger picture.
Matching gifts also build goodwill among employees. When employees submit matching gift requests, they’re asking their companies to support the causes that they care about, and the companies comply (so long as the nonprofit is eligible). In this way, companies help employees to give more and nonprofits to do more, which most employees are grateful for. This builds employee loyalty and adds to occupational satisfaction.
Moreover, companies don’t want to donate to corrupt, inefficient, or scandalous nonprofits. Matching gift programs help to weed out the rotten apples in the nonprofit basket, so that corporate dollars go to organizations that will truly drive change. Furthermore, companies don’t have to worry about figuring out where to donate money, as employees dictate the dispersal of funds.
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What companies match employee donations?

Big companies, small companies, established corporations, and inspired start-ups around the world offer matching gift programs. In fact, about 65% of Fortune 500 companies (and many others of all sizes) match employee donations. Millions of individuals work for companies that match employee donations.
Although corporations don’t always release specific figures, top contributors include Microsoft (more than $48 million annually) and GE (more than $37 million annually):
Microsoft’s Matching Gift ProgramMicrosoft logo
Microsoft’s corporate giving program was started in 1983, when 200 employees raised $17,000 for nonprofits. Today, over 39,000 employees participate in the company’s corporate giving program.

Employee donations between $25 and $15,000 will be matched at a 1:1 ratio. Full-time employees, part-time employees, spouses, and board members may all submit donation requests, but retirees are not eligible.

Learn more about the Bank of Montreal’s matching gift program.

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