How to Double Your Gift Year Round

8 June 2015

Give a bigger gift through your employer’s gift matching program!

In April and December, a generous donor matches all gifts made to Mercy Ships. This is a great time to make your gift go even further and make twice the difference.

BUT did you know you might be able to double your gift at any time of the year with an employee gift matching program? 

Your employer may have a program to match gifts to the charity of your choice up to a certain amount. How great is that? All it takes is a few clicks an email or a phone call to find out if your company will match your donation!

What is an employer gift matching program?

Companies set up charitable giving programs through which they match employee donations to eligible nonprofits. in support of the causes their employees care about.

Matching gift programs are offered by many Canadian companies, ranging from Campbell Soup Company Ltd  to Labatt Breweries of Canada. This is a great way to increase the size of your donation to Mercy Ships!

What companies match employee donations?

Companies across Canada, big and small, established corporations, and start-ups offer matching gift programs. Thousands of Canadians work for companies that match employee donations!

Company gift matching example: TELUS Corporation

Company: TELUS Corporation
Subsidiary of:
Foundation #: 78260000
E-mail: [email protected]
Matching Gift Form URL: Company Intranet
Matching Gift Guidelines URL
Minimum amount matched: CAD0.00
Maximum amount matched: CAD2,500.00
Total per employee: CAD2,500.00
Gift ratio: 1:1

Take advantage of the opportunity to multiply your gift any time of year!

Talk to your company’s Human Resources department and find out if they offer a Matching Gift program. If there is a program already in place, they will provide you with the information you need to match your donation.

If there is not a program in place, discuss the possibility of a Matching Gift program with your company’s Human Resources department. It is a great opportunity to get your employer involved in the international community!

Click HERE to view a list of Canadian companies with a matching gift program.