Giving Crewday 2016 – This is your Crew!

1 November 2016

Who’s in Your Crew?

facebook-crew-19The Mercy Ships crew extends far beyond the portholes of the Africa Mercy and the people who occupy her cabins. It includes patients, volunteers, donors, staff members, board members and anyone who supports Mercy Ships!

This year Mercy Ships Canada is participating in Giving TuesdayCA by celebrating our 1st Giving Crewday. On November 29, 2016 mark your calendars because we want YOU to become part of our crew!

From midnight through 11:59 p.m. PST, Your gift, no matter the size, will make a difference. We want to grow our crew, and whether it’s your 1st, 5th, 20th or 50th time giving to Mercy Ships we couldn’t be happier to have you in our crew and grateful for your support!


facebook-crew-11Contact [email protected] with any questions you may have

What is Giving TuesdayCA?

It is a new Canadian movement for giving and volunteering, taking place each year after Cyber Monday. The “Opening day of the giving season,” it is a day where charities, companies, and individuals join together to share commitments, rally for favorite causes and think about others.

What is Giving Crewday?

Giving Crewday is a day Mercy Ship Canada encourages Canadians to join the Mercy Ships crew (which is made up of everyone who supports Mercy Ships!) to support our medical and training programs in Africa and maximize impact!


Why should I give to Mercy Ships?

5 billion people lack access to safe surgery. For almost 40 years Mercy Ships has been serving the world’s poor and providing free medical care, training, and infrastructure development.

Our mission is to leave a lasting impact in the countries we visit so that they have the knowledge and resources needed to provide safe, accessible and timely surgery.

Our donors and volunteers keep Mercy Ships afloat. Every dollar makes a difference and means Mercy Ships can continue to help those most in need and transform lives!

What can I do to spread the word about Giving Crewday?

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to join in conversations about #GivingCrewday and spread the excitement!
On Giving Crewday, participate in our social media challenges to help spread the word and for the chance to win a crew t-shirt!

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