Getting Settled: Madagascar II

14 September 2015

We have arrived back in the beautiful island nation of Madagascar and couldn’t be more excited for the hospital doors to be open (or swinging)! 

Madagascar is well known for it’s beautiful scenery and unique animals. It’s less known however for it’s poverty – that for a population of 23 million, there are 92% of which live on less than $2 per day. They have 2 doctors per 10 000 people compared to Canada which has 21 doctors/10 000 people. Similarly there are 57 dental professionals for the whole of Madagascar while in Canada there are 19,563.

The Human Development Index is a rank of countries in order from most developed to least developed. The three subjects which they use to measure this are life expectancy, education and income. Madagascar ranks 155th on the HDI index. Canada is ranked 8th. 

During the Africa Mercy’s stay in the port of Toamasina, we plan to provide over 2,200 surgeries for adult and child patients onboard, treat over 10,000 at a land-based dental clinic, and provide holistic healthcare education to Malagasy health care professionals.

Our team was hard at work well before the ship arrived!

PTBandAThe screening team worked tirelessly over the summer to find and meet patients in need of medical care. They visited cities all over the island, so that we can offer surgery even to those who are far from the port city.

The team worked very hard to also renovate the new Physical Therapy department to teach in!

With this new addition our land based clinics and centers now include the Dental Clinic, the Obstetric Fistula Clinic, the Ponseti Clinic and the HOPE center!

What’s going on now?

A lot! The dental clinic opened on September 3rd, first surgeries began on September 8th, surgical skills and training is under way and there will be screenings held throughout the field service.

There will be lots to report back to you on over the next coming months so make sure to return for updates on patients, our crew and the work being done with your support to bring free healthcare to thousands in Madagascar!