Food For Life Open House

16 March 2016
[:en]thumb_IMG_4705_1024The Food for Life (FFL) Program held their Open House last week on Thursday, 25 March 2016, and I had the privilege of attending. FFL holds an Open House every field service to create visibility of the FFL Program within the country and to promote the trainees as future FFL trainers serving their communities through their Parent NGO’s.

The Open house is also a key event for the community farmers to come and learn more about farming techniques and results.

I arrived in Antananarivo on Wednesday afternoon, so I was able to go with Eliphaz Essah, Agriculture Projects Facilitator, to Centre Fafiala at 08:00 Thursday morning to help the 30 trainees finish setting up. When we arrived at the site there were already people waiting for the Open House to start even though the opening ceremony wasn’t taking place until 09:30.

Eliphaz and the trainees had everything they were presenting set up in two different buildings. One was used to present Agriculture and Animal Husbandry: banana plant multiplication techniques, crops for exhibition, two different types of compost, natural insecticide, rabbit feed, rabbits, and chickens.

thumb_IMG_4708_1024The other building was used to present Food Transformation: garlic syrup, ginger syrup, litchi syrup, passion fruit syrup, pineapple syrup, soy milk, soy milk yogurt, ginger cookies, and pineapple jam.

The Opening Ceremony began at 09:30 with an opening speech and prayer by Mr. Nonat, the Centre Fafiala Director, and the singing of the National Anthem.

When the Opening Ceremony was completed different trainees went to their designated stations in the different buildings to talk about the products at that station, what it is and how it was made, while others conducted tours of the gardens, greenhouse, aquaponics, and the banana plant multiplication sites.

The Food for Life Program had almost 300 people visit their site at Centre Fafiala over the course of the day. Overall many people expressed their “Congratulations to the FFL Program”.

thumb_IMG_4697_1024It was a wonderful day and I was privileged to have been a part of it. The FFL Trainers, Translator, and Trainees have truly become a family this field service and I appreciated being able to be a part of their family for this one day.

Erica Schmidt, Administrative Logistics Assistant[:]