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Bringen Sie mit uns Bewegung in die Welt! Gemeinsam setzen wir uns für eine verbesserte medizinische Versorgung in Staaten südlich der Sahara ein. 

Jedes Jahr setzen wir vielfältige Projekte in enger Kooperation mit verschiedenen Stiftungen und Organisationen um. Dank Ihrer Unterstützung können wir benachteiligten Menschen in einigen der ärmsten Ländern der Welt langfristige und nachhaltige Hilfe zukommen lassen.

Gerne unterbreiten wir Ihnen Vorschläge, die der Zielsetzung Ihrer Stiftung oder Organisation entsprechen.

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Stiftungen & Organisationen
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Das haben wir bereits geschafft

Millionen US-Dollar an Hilfeleistungen erbracht​
chirurgische Eingriffe durchgeführt​
medizinische Fachkräfte geschult​

Unterstützen Sie unsere medizinische Hilfe

icon mentoring

Women’s Health

Support and medical care is provided for women who have suffered childbirth injuries. We provide extremely specialized surgery, continuing the recovery process through education and social activities.

Maxillofacial Surgery

Through corrective and reconstructive maxillofacial surgeries, our surgeons relieve deformities caused by physical conditions such as tumours, cleft lip, cleft palate and noma.

plastische Chirurgie

Plastic Reconstructive Surgery

Birth defects, burns and illness often cause deformities we correct through surgeries; including burn-scar contractures, benign tumours, chronic ulcers, combined fingers and many others.

Icon Orthopädie

Orthopaedic Program

Mercy Ships trains local surgeons in Ponseti casting, the “universal standard” in non-invasive clubfoot correction, and provides free surgical intervention for musculoskeletal conditions, neglected orthopedic trauma and joint diseases.

Palliative Care Icon

Palliative Care

Palliative care is an approach that improves the quality of life of patients and their families facing the difficulties associated with life-threatening illness.

General Surgery

Our surgeons reduce the effects of neglected trauma, disease and congenital conditions by providing general surgeries for conditions such as hernias and goiters.

Dental/Oral Health

Mercy Ships aims to prevent and reduce the effects of a lack of oral healthcare by providing dental treatment and dental hygiene education and training.

Eye Care

Addresses surgical and medical eye needs in environments where preventable blindness is widespread. The primary emphasis of surgical intervention is to reduce blindness as a result of cataracts.

...oder unsere nachhaltigen Projekte

Training and Capacity Building

Training and Capacity Building

Mercy Ships works with partners to develop training and capacity building projects that improve the quality of medical services in the nations we serve.

Hope Centre

HOPE Centre

The HOPE Centre frees up precious bed space in the hospital wards on the ship and allows optimization of the ship’s surgical capacity.

Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital Chaplaincy

Hospital Chaplaincy provides holistic care to patients by focusing on their spiritual, psychological, social, emotional and physical needs.

Sterile Processing

Sterile Processing

Preventing surgical infection through sterile processing training. We seek to improve sterile processing practices in the countries Mercy Ships serves.

Icon Agriculture

Agriculture Training

Mercy Ships has been implementing Food for Life programs since 1997. Food for Life projects have been impacting lives and training people how to produce nutritional food and crops sustainably.

Ihre Hilfe zählt

Mit Operationen an Bord unserer Hospitalschiffes verändern wir nachhaltig Menschenleben. © Mercy Ships
Dank der Operationen können die Patientinnen und Patienten wieder selbst ihren Lebensunterhalt bestreiten. © Mercy Ships
Kinder können wieder zur Schule gehen. Bildung ist hier der Schlüssel zu einer selbstständigen Zukunft. © Mercy Ships
Mithilfe eines umfangreichen Schulungs- und Mentoringprogrammes bilden wir zudem einheimische Fachkräfte weiter... © Mercy Ships
...und statten lokale Krankenhäuser mit neuen Geräten aus. Auch Renovierungsabeiten zählen zu unserer Projektarbeit. © Mercy Ships
"During my 3-week absence from Hopital Be (CHUT), the men continued to maintain cleanliness by giving the dept a thorough clean every morning. They have rotated almost all of their instrument sets through a rust remover solution, followed by a diligent scrubbing, which has removed years of soil build up. One of the men commented that the OR staff thought the hospital had received new instruments. Once they realized the reason for their shiny instruments was thanks to proper cleaning, they commended the men for doing a great job. This has been really encouraging for the men, and as a result I've noticed an improvement in their attention and engagement in the training. It is also encouraging for us to see these new changes being embraced and applied."

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