Dali’s Story

4 July 2016
[:en]MGC160511_DALI_PAT16102_POST_OP_PORTRAIT_RP003_HIMeet Dali; a sweet, six year old boy who loves drawing and soccer. Dali spends most of his time by himself as the other children are afraid of him.

“He looks different,” says his mother, Marie Augustine. “That’s why I want Mercy Ships to help so he can be like the other children.”

Dali’s condition is known as an encephalocele – Dali has a gap in his facial structure that is allowing fluid to build up, giving him the appearance of having an overly large nose. Encephalocele’s like Dali’s are common in developing countries like Madagascar and are one of the specialized surgeries offered by Mercy Ships.

Thanks to free surgery, Dali’s life has been changed forever and he can now look forward to a brighter future. This wouldn’t be possible  without the service of our volunteers and the support of our donors. Thank you![:]