Dakar, Senegal

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Africa Mercy departed Dakar ten weeks ahead of schedule in our 2019/2020 Senegal field service. Thankfully, partners from around the world still helped bring much needed healthcare to thousands of people in need this year!  Click HERE to see the field service results.  Readers are encouraged to visit our  COVID-19 Blog post to get the latest updates.

The Republic of Senegal is divided into 14 regions. Recognized as one of the most stable West African nations, it continues to face economic challenges. Ranked 164 out of 189 countries on the UN Human Development Index, 38% of the population lives on less than $2 a day. It is a predominantly Islamic country. French, the official language, is the main language of communication in schools, in government administration and the media, but the country is also home to around 39 diverse languages including Wolof, Pulaar and the Serer.


million inhabitants


physicians per 100.000 inhabitants


dental surgeon per 30.000 (nationwide)

Surgical interventions and medical treatments

Ophthalmic surgeries
Women’s health and obstetrical surgeries
Maxillofacial, head and neck surgeries
Plastic Reconstructive surgeries
General surgeries (goitres, tumours)
Orthopaedic surgeries
Dental treatments

Medical Capacity Building

We foster transformational development within the healthcare structure of our host nation.
Main trainings:
World Health Organization (WHO)’s Surgical Safety Checklist
Essential Surgical Skills
SAFE Paediatric & Obstetric Anaesthesia
Primary Trauma Care
Team training for surgeons, anesthetists, and nurses
Sterile processing technicians
Essential Pain Management
Neonatal Resuscitation

Infrastructure Renovations

According to local needs, we help building the medical infrastructure of the nation where we serve, while providing suitable shore based facilities for our programs.
In Guinea, two facilities will be renovated for our use, and then turned over to the Ministry of Health once leaving the country:
« HOPE Centre » (hospital land-based extension)
Dental clinic
Dental clinic at the National Dental School

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