Bonnie’s Fundraising Success

8 November 2016
[:en]Last month Mercy Ships Canada launched its first ever Peer-to-Peer Online Fundraising Platform, which gives Mercy Ships supporters from across the country a way to support our mission by holding their own fundraisers.  Bake Sales, Dance-A-Thons, Speaking Events – the sky is the limit, and so is the  dedication, generosity and creativity of our fundraisers!

One of our first fundraisers, Bonnie Charron from Ottawa, ON, held her first event on Halloween to raise funds and awareness for Mercy Ships!


“As a proud supporter of Mercy Ships Canada, I wanted to bring Mercy Ships’ special mission to the attention of my co-workers.  Halloween offered the perfect opportunity for me to sponsor a gift basket of Halloween items (candy, office decorations, a fancy mask, etc.) and raffle it off – any co-worker making a donation in person or online had their name added to the draw.  I also provided each donor with a small Halloween treat bag with a few candies and a Mercy Ships Air Miles card inside!  Some of the words expressed when co-workers heard about the work of Mercy Ships were “amazing”, “incredible”, “heart-warming”, “wow” etc.

It was so gratifying to hear people discover Mercy Ships for the first time.  For a small contribution from me (around $25 for the gift basket and treats), we raised over $150 for Mercy Ships.  The dollars are important, but the goal of the fundraiser was really awareness – I hope that some have been inspired to become monthly donors and/or to use their Air Miles card regularly.   With the holiday season coming up, I encouraged many to carry it in their wallets and use it at least once when out doing their holiday shopping.  I was really pleased with the response and will be looking for more opportunities to hold these types of awareness-building fundraisers as I move through my volunteer and professional circles in the coming months.”

-Bonnie Oakes Charron

We want to say THANK YOU BONNIE for supporting the Mercy Ships mission in this special and unique way!